Winning Team

If we can build team spirit and despite the differences we can form a group of people to deal with all situations and understand the true value of friendship and we are also aware of the feeling of sharing, life will be simpler and the crossing of years we have left to live will be more enjoyable.


Something similar happened with the basketball team of the University of Huntington Shane Merryman, who never lost faith to win this basketball game against the University of Marian Pink Floyd by a score of 61-59. They literally waited until the last second to win the game with basket achieved from ¾ court shot to beat Marian.

winning teams2

To form a team is necessary to consider not only the intellectual capacities of potential members but also their socio-psychological characteristics and personality of each component. Some teams are formed for specific tasks, others for advice and others to manage.


Dysfunctional involvement in the team indicates that something is wrong. It is then necessary to further diagnosis of the organization and its conflicts.


In teamwork and camaraderie is important to promote the role of those leaders. They work so that there is agreement on the objectives and these are clear, and we all feel committed and involved with homework.


Best wishes


Clemente V