Why You Need Prosperity?

Prosperity: to be able to share it with people, this way there would be no envy and selfishness. Without economic concerns, we would have financial freedom and would focus on developing our qualities, lifestyles, along with good health.

The important thing is not money, it is to achieving financial freedom. The power to enjoy what you like to do, of course without harming others. For that you need to find what you like to do, what your passionate about, what you would do without getting paid a cent, and would put many hours of effort and not see it as work but as entertainment, something that also can serve your people. Focusing and persisting on your dreams, to overcome those obstacles and therefore achieve success.

To reach the prosperity we need to find success. What is success? The author John C. Maxwell defines success as;
“Success is knowing your purpose in life, grow to reach their maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others”.

The potential for greatness lives within each one of us. The key to obtain greatness is to discover our dream and then build it up.

I think each one of us has a dream in there heart. It is for that very reason for which we were born. This requires our gifts and talents. It appeals to our highest ideals. It turns our sense of destiny. Is inseparably linked with the purpose of our life. A dream will start us in the journey to success. Ford Motor Company founder, Henry Ford stated: “The whole secret of a successful life is to discover that we are destined to do and then do it.”

A dream will give us the direction to where we want to be in life.
A dream will increase our potential.
A dream will help us on establishing prioritization.
A dream will add value to our work.
A dream will foretell our future.
A dream will comes true when we put start and completion date.

A dream without a positive attitude will result in someone who daydreams.
A positive attitude without a dream will result in a pleasant person who can not progress.
A dream with a positive attitude will result in a person with unlimited possibilities and potential. To get far away in the right direction you need both, a dream and a positive attitude.
If you have intelligence, talent, education, technical knowledge, opportunities and a strong ethic of hard work, but lack the right attitude you will never enjoy the journey to success. Who are you and where you are today, is the result of your attitude.

Do you want to see how the human brain can help you have a lucid dream? Watch the video above. (after the minute 03:14 of this video)

To achieve your dream you have to plan and create a goal, as Jim Rohrbach the author of Success Skills Coach states, “Follow this objective, and not a resolution as the beginning of the year where we all make decisions and not be met.” This is the idea:
Happy New Year to you! A new year and a new beginning. If you’re like majority people, you’ve probably not taken seriously your New Year’s resolutions. You’ve said, “THIS is the year I’m going to lose weight and get in shape. “Starting January 1st, no more junk food.” “ I’m joining the gym and I’m going to work out daily.” “I may even do my first marathon.” What happens? By February 1st (the latest …) you’re back on the junk food regimen, and you’ve been to the gym a total of five times (you’re “just too busy to get there”), and you’ve filed that marathon application in the trash. You’ve concluded, “Resolutions don’t work for me.” (You’re not the only one this happens to …)
Maybe you need a better approach. Instead of making a mental resolution, create a Mission Statement.

A Mission Statement is:
• a handwritten or typed-out plan
• posted somewhere you can see it on a regular basis
• commit to yourself
• have specific ideas with measurable outcomes
• a deadline — in this case, December 31st
Here’s a way you can use right now to create a Mission Statement for personal success in your career or business. Get out a pen and some paper:

Step A. Write down five positive personality characteristics you like about yourself in your career/business. For example: willingness to learn, persistence, creativity, friendliness, sense of humor, etc.
Step B. For the items you listed above, describe the way you express each positive characteristic on a regular basis in your career, using the word “by” to begin each phrase. For example, if you listed “willingness to learn” above, you might write “by being committed to ongoing professional development” below. Another example: If you wrote “persistence” above, you might write “by making sure the job always gets done” below.
Step C. Write down five goals you’d like to achieve by one year from today. Be sure to list a specific financial goal separate from these five goals.
Step D. Look back over Steps A, B, and C, and circle the three most important items in each column.
Step E. Now fill in the blanks of the following paragraph:
My purpose is to express my ____________________, , _______________________, ____________________ (write in the three items you circled in Step A) by ____________________ , by ____________________, and by ____________________ (write in the three items you circled in Step B) to create ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________, (write in the three items you circled in Step C) and at least ____________________ (write in your financial goal) by ____________________ (write in the date one year
from today).”
When finished, you will have a short paragraph that reads something like:
“My purpose is to express my intelligence, creativity, and people skills by continually learning and applying new ideas, by finding unique solutions to my clients’ problems, and by building a powerful network of contacts to create 15 new corporate accounts, a steady flow of referral and renewal business, and full technological competence, and at least $125,000 in gross commissions by this date one year from today.”
I hope you give this deceptively simple exercise a try, and I encourage you to follow the guidelines above of posting it where you can review it, committing it to memory and reciting it daily. Then you won’t need to make any more fruitless resolutions.

Then, we must begin to realize our dreams, because times do not wait to nobody.

Best Wishes

Clemente V