When things are not going well

Sometimes things do not go as we would really like that result. I lost a promotion at work. The sale that I expected so much, do not realize. The project I had so much hope it turned out. I was not selected for the team that wanted to play. I take chances and lost so much. My girlfriend left me. I’m getting divorced. I got sick. A close relative died, etc.


What to do in those circumstances?

What to do when life is being tested?

How to see the positive side to what is happening to us?

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At that time is when you can begin to grow mentally and spiritually.

No winner has been forged when things go well.

It’s easy to act when everything goes smoothly, but when things are not going well, life is giving you the opportunity to get the best of you, to show the way you’re made. At that moment life is giving you the opportunity to begin forging the winner in you. A winner cannot develop without resistance to overcome. You cannot get the better of you, you cannot grow unless we find obstacles, problems, challenges in your way and you have to overcome. Not going be a comfortable, easy, familiar, but it is the only way to grow up to be a winner. Sooner or later everyone will go through such adversity, but if you are able to cope with the situation, and every time you are revealed to adversity, every time you refuse to be defeated by it, every time you refuse to be a victim of circumstances, each time you decide that you are a cause and not an effect, every time you beat that difficulty you are becoming a winner in your life.


To understand this more easily, I will give a simple example, something that you already have it in you.

Your muscles!

What people have to do to get strong and develop their muscles in a gym?


First thing it does is lifting. First thing it does facing against resistance and the reason is behind our own anatomy. How to develop a muscle? The muscle is developed after the fibers have been destroyed, because the muscles that your body previously had was not enough. It was nowhere to be rise to the challenge to beat the resistance and therefore these fibers break and your body give the order to create stronger fibers. That process can take days or weeks.


With your character and personality is exactly the same, when you are in situations that you feel that won’t really overcome, then you will feel depressed, tired, uncomfortable, frustrated. You will not feel good. Precisely those times if you decide to face the challenge, then you will be developing as a winner. These are moments that are going to tell a part of you that you have to develop skills and abilities that you did not have before, you have to develop yourself as a human being, you have to strengthen as a person who transcends and surpasses constantly in life.



Examples of famous people who failed at the beginning, but later developed its weaknesses to be one of the best in each of their fields are:


Lucy Ball was dismissed at drama school with a note saying: “It’s a waste of time, too shy, unable to give their best.” Years later she had a TV show called “I Love Lucy”


The Beatles, rejected by the Decca label, she said: “I do not like their sound, and guitar music is no longer carried.” Years later “The Beatles” was one of the best Rock and Roll groups in the world.


Ulysses S. Grant, failed soldier, farmer and real estate agent. At 38 years old, returned to work for his father as a laborer. Years later he was President of the United States of America.


Michael Jordan did not pass the basketball team of high school and took him out. He went home, locked himself in his room and cry. Years later he was one of the best basketball players in the world.


Thomas Edison, a teacher told him he was too stupid to learn anything. And you should try another field where I could be successful under his endearing personality. Years later patented over a thousand inventions and his most famous invention was the light bulb.


Walt Disney fired from a newspaper because “lacks imagination and has no original ideas.”

Years later founded The Walt Disney Company.


Abraham Lincoln, his fiancée died, twice failed in business, had a nervous breakdown and defeated in eight elections. Years later he was President of the United States of America.


(Enter your name here), many people believed that I would never get up, many people believed that I would always be a loser, but I managed to get up when I started to believe in myself and I decided that the only person who could help me up was myself, leave the past behind and my desires, determination and discipline would achieve my dreams.


Remember that if you fall seven times and get up 8 times, you will be a winner by developing your skills in your life.


You fell down now. Will you have the courage to get up yourself?


You decide


Clemente V