Video games help patients with strokes

Circus Challenge is the game that could speed the recovery of people who suffered a stroke.

Sthephen Simpson, to take over the controls of the game, becomes a trapeze artist. The 68-year English becomes part of the virtual circus and inadvertently performed exercises that help in their recovery. Sthepen suffered a stroke in February. Since he started to use Challenge Circus game, traditional rehabilitation therapies is very boring for him.

This case reflects how useful it can be the game in the treatment of persons who have suffered some type of stroke.

According to the BBC, the computer game “Circus Challenge” was created by scientists at the University of Newcastle in the UK and is already applied as supportive therapy in the rehabilitation of patients.

The game enables those concerned to slowly regain motor function. Players use wireless controllers to pass tests of a conventional circus jump over a network or to tame lions.

The goal is to use the game as a cheaper alternative for people who have suffered any brain injury accelerate their recovery at home.

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Clemente V