Most times the risk appears so fast that we react with fear and panic. In those moments we should act exactly the opposite. Keep calm not panic. And if we act as a cohesive group among all looking for solutions and joining forces we can solve the problem.

“United we stand” as in the video above, where a group of buffalo face some lions, and achieve save the buffalo that was in danger.


An example of that “United we stand” occurred in a train station in Japan. A woman had the misfortune d fall between the platform and the wagon on a train at the leave it. The difficulty presented by the problem is that the woman could not get out, the train could not move. The solution was as shown in the photo.

Japanes wornan fall plataform & wagon

Dozens of people pushed the wagon, which weighs about 32 tons, and was moved enough to get women out of trouble. The wagon could tilt thanks to the suspension that it has, but still, it had to be easy.

The act of heroism occurred in Minami-Urawa Station, just north of Tokyo and was captured by a photojournalist, from Yomiuri newspaper.

When the woman was able to leave safely, the 40 people who helped push the wagon this morning gave a spectacular applause, but really that spectacular applause was for all of them that joined forces to save the woman.

Get organized and form groups of prevention in our neighborhood, workplace, place of recreation, etc.., In case of an accident, theft, kidnapping, earthquake, attack, etc. And always remembering that: “United we stand”.

You decide

Best wishes

Clemente V