How much time do you have?

Imagine a world where time is bought, sold, given away or stolen. In a world where time is the currency. We earn and spend. Imagine having to pay the home mortgage, rent, electricity, water, cell phone, food and anything else to the extent of your mind, with your own life.

How much would you pay with your time for a loaf of bread or a coffee?

You are master of your time but, do you know how to manage your time?

You better learn to manage it because the time goes and does not return.

In order to have a better idea what I’m talking about, watch the video click on the science fiction film entitled “In time” (see video above).

How much time are you worth?

It depends on you to use your time, for your good or your bad. If you love what you do and this is the passion of your life, you will never feel bored, you will enjoy every minute of time and your time is valuable. But if you do something you do not like, and just do it by necessity or obligation, your life will be very miserable and dull.

Sense of time is out of our hands and we do not realize.
Take advantage now because time is the only truly non-renewable resource.

Sometimes we want to return to the past, but in the future we want to return more times to the present.

Past time in the steps taken, the present time is in the action, and time future just around the corner and on the same road.

Time is past, present and future that is recycled in every moment to be lived and relived.

Time is a matter of time, life is about life, life lasts a moment, and time lasts a lifetime.

Present is a volatile time by which the future becomes the past.

Do not give time to the time because time does not give it time.

What will you do with your life? Will you let time will decide, or you will decide to do with your time?

Time does not decide everything, decisions are made by us, time just gives us space to think and then decide.

If wealth is gold and gold is time, how much wealth we wasted?

Time is the clock of life.

Only time will show what little time we have, so let’s not spend time in vain.

Plan your time well and make the most profit to the maximum, as this can be both your friend and your enemy.

Only you can decide what to do with the time you live.

Every minute that passes is an opportunity to improve you.

Every minute that passes is unique and precious, take advantage, because it will never return.

You decide

Best wishes

Clemente V