Selecting Friends

A few weeks ago I attended a seminar on finance in Los Angeles, California, (because there is always something new to learn in life) called “The Laptop Millionaire”.

The person in charge running the seminar was Mark Anastasi, who wrote a book with the same title.

Something that caught my attention, which I found very interesting, was one of the advices Mark received from millionaire who helped him up when Mark had hit bottom in his life. Of course for that, Mark was determined to improve his lifestyle and take a dramatic change in his life of 380 degrees. Yes, 380 degrees, I am not mistaken on the numbers. Here is an excerpt from the story of Mark:

One day I was on the phone with the Laptop Millionaire, and he asked me the most peculiar question.

“What is the average net worth of the six people you spend the most amount of time with?

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“Well, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this to you, but this is another Millionaire Secret: You become who you spend time with.

You can judge

“I am telling you this now because I’ve just decided to cut certain people out of my life and I’m joining a $250,000 a year Mastermind group of Internet marketers. You’ve got to make more than 1 million dollars a year to be part of this group, and we meet three times a year to discuss how we can take our businesses forward. It’s all about having a better peer group-one that challenges you to grow beyond your existing comfort zone.

”And this is how you tell me that you don’t want me in your life? I said, jokingly.

“Ha ha! No! I’m glad to say, you’ve made the cut!

But I do have people in my life who are not happy about seeing me succeed, because of how it makes them feel about themselves and their own situations. I need to remove them from my life.

If you are truly committed to achieving your goals, as harsh as it may sound, you may want to consider who you allow to be in your own peer group. Your life and personal happiness are simply too important to allow any dream stealers in.

You see, ever since we were born, we’ve learned that we can only survive if the people around us love us and accept us.

Whereas in the rest of the animal kingdom, most offspring are out on their own pretty quickly, the human baby is born years prematurely and can’t fend for itself. It therefore must rely on its parent’s love for survival and protection for many years.

Deep down in the subconscious of every human being, there is this irrational, intense fear that “If the people around me don’t like me or love me, I’ll die.”

The result is that we often sacrifice our own desires and aspirations just to fit in with the people comfortable, or just to please people.

This means that if the people around you are broke and miserable you will find a way to be broke and miserable, too. Subconsciously, this is hardwired into us.

The cool thing about this is that you can use this to your advantage.


By hanging out with good people, happy people, successful people, and rich people!

You will be amazed at how fast your subconscious mind will help you succeed and make a lot more money out of fear that your new rich friends won’t like you, accept you, or love you if you don’t! This little technique is very, very powerful, and not to be underestimated!

I joined a Mastermind of highly successful Internet entrepreneurs and I changed my peer group to surround myself with high-net-worth individuals. I found that spending time with people for whom the minimum expectation was to earn at least a million dollars a year automatically raised my own standards of what I expect of myself. With a year my annual turnover quadrupled to over 1 million dollars.

Look at the six people you spend the most time with. That’s who you will become.

So, look around and make your own conclusions. 

This advice comes from many years ago, the human problem is because we believe we already know everything, but most times never apply these words of wisdom that gives older people, acquired by his years of experience lived in this world.

There is even a song the Salsa singer Hector Lavoe wrote years ago, entitled “Grandma”, which said:

“Remembering My Grandma

The proverbs that she said made ​​me laugh.

And now, I am who I say this.

Listening that, you also will say

Listening that, you also will say

You can judge a man by the company he keeps“.

Dear reader, generations always change, but the principles and values ​​will always be the same. You decide whether to apply or not this great advice in your life.

Best wishes

Clemente V