The opportunity to meet you

The opportunity to meet you was the most beautiful thing ever happened to me.
You and your partner could you be in the picture shown here.

Maybe you are afraid to make a decision to meet someone in your life.
And always you may wonder:

“And what happens if he hurt me.”
“And what happens if he left me.”
“And what happens if he dies.”
“That would be the end for me.”

Opportunity to love1

That could be your biggest mistake in life, if you do not take chances.
In love, you have to risk.

And to decrease the risk
You have to get to know your partner,
Going out both more often
By sharing likes and dislikes,
Following the same direction to the goal set for both.

You have to take risks that sometimes there are no second chances in life.
If you do not risk, you always wonder:

What would have happened to me if I had taken the train, that wagon of the love that only happens once? If I had drifted therefore that one day this guy told me that it was called Cupid.

I always wonder what will happen at the end when I get to my destination, and realize I’ve been a coward, I did not have the courage to make that journey with you. For fear of the people I end up being just your friend.

What would become of me if you were here to paint my gray life, with the color of your caresses?
And now, what would I be if you were with me?

You decide.

Best wishes

Clemente V