Stand by Me no matter what happens

The World Championship “Wife Carrying”, is a unique competition developed from its beginnings in Sonkajarvi, Finland. In which male contestants compete running in tow with a woman companion of the game, usually his wife. The goal is that man takes the woman by an obstacle course in the shortest time possible. In other words, as the song says:

“Stand by me”

The sport originated in Finland as a fun, apparently reminiscent of a past age in which men courted women running to his people, loading and running away with them.

Wife carrying

The competition includes three important points:

  • 1.- If a competitor drops the woman must reload on your back or arms and keep running.
  • 2.- Woman to compete can be yours or the neighbor, over 17 years. And
  • 3.- All participants must mandatorily have fun.
  • The prize is the wife’s weight in beer.

    Best wishes and have fun!

    Clemente V