Remember when

A few days ago some friends met their first wedding anniversary, to whom I wish happiness and have so many more anniversaries to have the best memories of their lives.

These days, couples, last a short time with their relationship. It’s a little difficult to find couples who reaching two, five or many more years as a couple. The promise that was made at the beginning of the relationship by sharing the good and bad times breaks very quickly. What is happening with the society these days? What most couples are failing?

Remember when1

Perhaps to improve in this area, it would be good idea to motivate us to take as an example the movie “The Notebook”
This movie is more than just a typical love story.

The story begins in a psychiatric hospital where two elderly played by Gena Rowlands and James Garner. He starts the day by reading a story: The Notebook. This story takes us to the 40’s, a small village called Seabrook, North Carolina, visited by the marriage Hamilton, and Alli (Rachel McAdams) daughter of 17. There she met at a fair Noah Callohum (Ryan Gosling) and at the insistence of him, Alli accepts a date. There begins a beautiful friendship that turns into a passionate love of summer. But all is not an easy ride. They belong to two different worlds, she is upper class and he is a simple worker in the factory town. The opposition mainly from her mother makes the end of their idyll be accelerated to take Alli of the town before the end of summer.

Noah writes to Alli a letter each day for a year, but the mother intercepts these 365 letters that do not reach their target.
Remember when4

Outbreak of World War II, He enlisted in the army and she was a volunteer nurse. In the hospital where she was volunteer nurse she meets Lon (James Marsden) a handsome, rich, soldier with which begins a relationship.

After the war Noah returns to town and buy the house with which have always dreamed him and Alli. By coincidence he sees her in the city, but she is with Lon, with whom she engages.

Before she gets marriage with Lon, Alli decides to return a few days to Seabrook, where she be reunited with her love of summer, Noah.

This story told by the elder, is interspersed with images of the history of this old man and his listener in the hospital.

Admittedly, many things are predictable in the movie, some even too much. It’s a beautiful story, in which love fight against everything, until the end of their days.

Where Alli asks Noah: “Do you think our love can do that we can go together”?

And Noah replied: “I know our love can do whatever we want”

I hope this story of love, has motivated to be together with your partner.

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Best wishes

Clement V