Practice What You Preach

Have you ever been reprimanded by somebody? Or maybe was the other way around.

Have you ever reprimanded to somebody?


This act is known as preaching, which is a speech or sermon moral content, or it is also propagate ideas or doctrine. Saying this in another way easier to understand is to advise or reprimand a person.


The problem is that we are very good to give advice or rebuking but we are not good to follow our own advice. To give an example in Facebook and other social networks, many people try to advise their “fans” or followers, through images or ads, which is fine, but the person who posted this just made ​​”copy and paste the picture “of what he wanted to convey. Saying this in another way, what he did was “Repeat the words like a parrot”.


Before publishing or give any advice, it would be good to meditate if this counsel could serve and apply yourself, transforming the famous “Do what I say, not as I do” in a deep “Do what I say and do.” Sometimes many of us think that we own the truth and did not hear other opinions of our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Perhaps they could be right and one being wrong.


Being congruent is the concept. That is, our mind, our body, our actions are aligned to the objectives and principles. Then, each of the people who know us will know what our homework and how we work every day to do it. The pleasure, happiness, desire, responsibility, passion, each of these aspects is reflected in your daily action.


You have to “Practice what you preach” every day for a solid reputation and “Do not repeat the words like a parrot“.


You decide


Clemente V