How cool is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge is everywhere … even in Springfield, where Homer Simpson lives.
“Oh, it was really cold … but it was worth it to raise awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)”

Also the participation of such diverse figures as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other celebrities, joined the challenge. Of course, they also gave their respective donation to ALS.

And you already accepted the challenge with your respective donation for ALS?

You decide

Best wishes

Clemente V

Harlem Shake Fever

Do you think you could create a musical beat like Harlem Shake?

Because Harlem Shake fever is already worldwide.


There are no TV show can resist Harlem Shake fever. And the videos in the internet have become virtually a viral chain.

Harlem Shake is a crazy moving, freely moving, without meaning or rules. The music is very catchy, which invites you to dance anywhere, even under water, as shown in the video.

The Harlem Shake was started in 1981 on the streets of Harlem, New York, when a group of African American, dance it in these streets.

Then in mid-2012 appeared Harlem Shake, the first single from DJ Baauer, as the New Yorker calls himself Harry Rodriguez, 23 years old, in the one heard a mix of dance and hip-hop, with the voice of a Hispanic repeating the phrase “with the terrorists”.

“Influenced heavily by the Southern hip-hop and bass sounds Britain Baauer found himself right in the center of Electronic Renaissance” reads the blog Maddecent music label, which owns Baauer.

The rapper Azealia Banks uses this remix to make her own version. Baauer said in an interview with The Daily Beast that his song was not a tribute to the original Harlem Shake, but the name is because it is a sampling of the song Miller Time Plastic Little and his phrase “do the Harlem Shake“.

But the expansion viral of this song came when online users upload a video in February of less than 39 seconds, by its own choreography, costumes and improvised movements. Other people soon began to imitate this meme that has reached popular television series The Simpsons.

For 15 seconds a person dances alone this one around others who remain engaged in other activities. After changing the pace of the theme, there is a cut in the video and all join the dance using disguises.

Harlem Shake2

Baauer himself has said that this phenomenon is “absolutely crazy” he did not think it would come this far.

“All I did was making the song, so it’s a weird place where I am. The Procreate and was fed by others and now it’s like my adopted child missed teenager comes back to me,” said DJ at The Daily Beast last February.

Harlem Shake1

The online phenomenon has been such that the song has been cast in the Billboard Hot 100, as the song debut at number 21 in the top of the list, and the first time that an artist does not known before according Billboard’s website. Also dominates the number of downloads in iTunes.

Perhaps you could also create your own musical beat similar to Harlem Shake, using the right tools, Check out this LINK information.
And then maybe you could find your passion in music. You decide!

Best wishes

Clemente V

World Cup Champion Brazil 2014

Sometimes soccer (called Football or Futbol in the rest of the world except USA) matches are won by teams that played poorly or defended or just a stroke of luck score the winning goal.

Football games there to play them 90 minutes intensely, because until the last minute of the 90 minutes you have to play the last 60 seconds where anything can happen also.

Hopefully who wins the World Cup team must be the best team who play the match.

Best wishes to all teams participating in the 2014 World Championship in Brazil.

Clemente V

Technology on Christmas

Times change, but the tradition continues. Perhaps many of us when we were kids, a few days before Christmas, write a letter to Santa Claus, so we let him know our Christmas wishes.

The children of our days also send their Christmas letters,
But do it on the internet and putting a link so long is something unusual.
It turns out that from the @ Gequeoman account, a child wrote:


“Dear Santa: How are you? I’m fine. Here’s what I want for Christmas?.​​..”. And then, 9 lines of an unexpected link to the store to Amazon, as seen in the attached image.
It is not known whether the letter is real, but the link goes to a car with remote control just over $ 20 on sale at the Amazon website headquartered in the USA.
Child’s letter was published on the internet and is best watched in social networks.
Best wishes in this Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Clement V