Happy Birthday Today Tomorrow & Forever

You turned one more year of life. My best wishes to you today, tomorrow and forever.
And why not celebrate your birthday every day. Every 24 hours and call it “Happy birthday day.”
Celebrate each day as a new opportunity in your life.

If things did not go well yesterday as you thought. Well today you have a new opportunity to succeed and achieve your goal, your resolution, your purpose, and your ideal. Celebrate another day to continue with the set goal. I hope you have a goal with a plan to follow and most importantly what you want out of life. What is the purpose in your life? That one special gift or talent you have to offer to others.

Celebrate your “birthday day” because you woke up once again today safe and sound. You can walk, you can breathe, you can communicate with others. Maybe tomorrow will not have time to feel awake. Today you won again at death. It seems contradictory, but what you celebrate today is that you won once again to death, because this can come at any time. Celebrate one more day of life.

Enjoy life every day. Nothing you took when you leave, when the day of your final. Lives happy right now. Feel the blood running through your veins. Open your arms to life, let your thoughts fly free, do not leave anything to drift. Lives life intensely, lives happily with what you have. Let there be no regrets about what You always wanted to do and you did not (of course without harming anyone) for fear of rejection.

“Happy Birthday”
“Feliz Cumpleaños”
“Joyeux Anniversaire”
“Buon Compleanno”
“Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu”
“Hartelijk gefeliciteerd”

Make your life spectacular today, tomorrow and forever!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday day!
Happy Birthday time!
Happy Birthday minute!
Happy Birthday seconds!

And Make your life spectacular today, tomorrow and forever!

Best wishes

Clemente V