Fundamentals for Personal Achievement

Things in your life are not going as you would like it and lately you feel stuck in your life, you see that does not come any kind personal improvement and that you are about to drown in the routine. Then it’s time to consider whether the lifestyle that we are carrying is really good.

If you ask yourself “Where am I standing really? Or what did I do with my life? “So it is essential that you read this article and watch the video (see video above), which will help you arise yourself in another way, and see ways in which you may change your situation.

Anthony Robbins and his foundations for Personal Development

Anthony Robbins is now one of the leaders in ontological coaching, emotional intelligence, Personal Achievement and neurolinguistic programming. We could say that today is the worldwide figure represents growth, Personal Achievement and progress.

For Tony Robbins, the first thing to do if we see that our life does not work as we would like is to ask what is going wrong,  what is the problem we want to change. Based on be clear about which is the problem, we must follow three steps to a better quality of life and be able to overcome the problem, keeping a positive attitude.

The Three Pillars of Personal Achievement

The first step of this technique is to “focus and have a clear vision and attractive of what you want.” You must put firmly in mind what you want to achieve, but not only that, but you have to keep a positive attitude about it, thinking every day that you will succeed, you will achieve your Personal Achievement and this achievement is getting closer.

The second step of the method is “get the best tools, the best map”. What Robbins refers to this? Basically, it is useless motivation or encouraging words if we do not have the tools or sufficient guidance to accomplish the task. So it is always recommended seek a mentor, a person who serves as an example, who can imitate and that somehow inspire us with their history of success and improvement.

And finally the third step, and most importantly, “you resolve your inner conflicts.” It is the fundamental step of the technique. 80% of the success stories and Personal Achievement are fully linked to the psychological part of the person, so it is essential that if you have any personal issue unresolved, fix it soon. If you do not solve it, you always end up taking four steps forward, but backward five.

First, recognize what are the internal conflicts that you have and then just let them go, line up your life under what you want to achieve and find the person who can guide you on your way to your Personal Achievement.  Internal conflicts are those that we have within our mind sometimes even unconsciously making it difficult to discover and correct them, for example:

I want financial freedom but I do not like research or study how to achieve it, I prefer to go out and have fun instead of wasting time with that of financial education. You will never achieve financial freedom if you do not spend time on your preparation, do not mean you have to do a university degree for this, but you really need discipline, reading and exercise to achieve this. At first will be a little difficult as any change in your life then, you will be more comfortable with yourself. Remember when you learned to ride a bike, when you learned to drive a car, when you learned to use the computer and now all that you do automatically without thinking.

Another example to better understand the concept:

I wish to have a stable and lasting relationship with my partner, but I want to do what I want when I want – Here is a conflict and to have that kind of relationship often have to sacrifice time and personal preferences to include and share with your partner. Do you understand the concept better?

That is the concept of Internal Conflict, and we must find each of these that prevent us from Personal Achievement, and understand that we have no other option than correct them and take them for what they are, barriers, that we have to jump one by one in the Personal Achievement race, or take action and plan how to eradicate them conscious, and that only you can do yourself, because you’re the only one who knows what your internal conflicts.

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Clemente V