Do you think we have changed our Values?

These days there are many things that go backwards and it seems that most of us have lost the balance in our lives, have lost our spiritual equilibrium and without realizing we have changed our values.

We have exploited the poor and we have called this “Distribution of wealth“.

We have rewarded laziness and called it “Social Plans.”

We have killed our children yet unborn and called it “The Free Choice

We have allowed them to kill and steal and called it “Human Rights“.

bad change values ROB US

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it “To develop their Self-Esteem.”

We have been corrupt and abused power and we have called this “Politics“.

We have polluted the radio waves and television with much vulgarity and pornography and called it “Freedom of Expression“.

We have ridiculed the values ​​established long ago by our ancestors and we have called these “Obsolete and past.

Taken from the opening 129 Regular Session of 2011 written by Father Luis Farinello religious.

If you do not have the courage to stand firm in our convictions, then we will fall ahead of any other argument or enemy.

So I think we should keep our values ​​established a long time ago by our ancestors, otherwise we destroy ourselves with each other.

You decide.

If you believe this message can help to you, your family, your friends, etc., please, spread this message.

Best wishes

Clemente V


Most times the risk appears so fast that we react with fear and panic. In those moments we should act exactly the opposite. Keep calm not panic. And if we act as a cohesive group among all looking for solutions and joining forces we can solve the problem.

“United we stand” as in the video above, where a group of buffalo face some lions, and achieve save the buffalo that was in danger.


An example of that “United we stand” occurred in a train station in Japan. A woman had the misfortune d fall between the platform and the wagon on a train at the leave it. The difficulty presented by the problem is that the woman could not get out, the train could not move. The solution was as shown in the photo.

Japanes wornan fall plataform & wagon

Dozens of people pushed the wagon, which weighs about 32 tons, and was moved enough to get women out of trouble. The wagon could tilt thanks to the suspension that it has, but still, it had to be easy.

The act of heroism occurred in Minami-Urawa Station, just north of Tokyo and was captured by a photojournalist, from Yomiuri newspaper.

When the woman was able to leave safely, the 40 people who helped push the wagon this morning gave a spectacular applause, but really that spectacular applause was for all of them that joined forces to save the woman.

Get organized and form groups of prevention in our neighborhood, workplace, place of recreation, etc.., In case of an accident, theft, kidnapping, earthquake, attack, etc. And always remembering that: “United we stand”.

You decide

Best wishes

Clemente V

Peru: a country with its own identity

Each of us are born somewhere in the world and we should be proud of where we come from. Having our own identity, no matter where we live now. As Peru, land of the ancient empire of the Incas, where the inhabitants sing and dance their typical songs, without losing their traditions pride.

An example of this is the Peruvian songwriter Gianmarco (Winner Latin Grammy Awards), wrote a song while living far away from Peru titled: “Hoy” made with all the feeling of loving his country: Peru.

Peru- bailando-marinera-a-caballo


Peru- bailando-huayno

In one of his concerts at the Stadium Monumental in Lima, Peru, Gianmarco combine his music and Peruvian folklore dance (see minute 3:33 of the video below), it was very emotional the concert dedicated to Peru, that near the end of the concert singer cry for his dear Peru. (See minute 8:35 of the video below)

A country without identity and traditions is like the wind blowing over the prairies without a trace.

Another typical dance of the coast of Peru, is “La Marinera“, is a dance where the man woos a woman in a very elegant way, see it you will love it. (See video above)
There are many places to visit in Peru, and one of the most important is “Machu Picchu”, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Peruvian cuisine is also one of the best in the world.

From Los Angeles, California, I wish my compatriots a Happy July 28th (Independence Day of Peru), and Peru continues on a path of prosperity.

Enjoy these 3 pictures from “El Circuito Magico de Agua en Lima – Peru



Best wishes

Clemente V

Stand by Me no matter what happens

The World Championship “Wife Carrying”, is a unique competition developed from its beginnings in Sonkajarvi, Finland. In which male contestants compete running in tow with a woman companion of the game, usually his wife. The goal is that man takes the woman by an obstacle course in the shortest time possible. In other words, as the song says:

“Stand by me”

The sport originated in Finland as a fun, apparently reminiscent of a past age in which men courted women running to his people, loading and running away with them.

Wife carrying

The competition includes three important points:

  • 1.- If a competitor drops the woman must reload on your back or arms and keep running.
  • 2.- Woman to compete can be yours or the neighbor, over 17 years. And
  • 3.- All participants must mandatorily have fun.
  • The prize is the wife’s weight in beer.

    Best wishes and have fun!

    Clemente V

    What Virgin means?

    Ever one of your sons or daughters asked you a question you did not expect and got you in trouble and had not answer.

    What would be your response if any of your children would do the following question:

    What Virgin means?


    virgin6 like a



    In the video above will help answer that question.

    Or maybe you can improve response

    Best wishes

    Clemente V

    Peru is a real adventure

    Peru is a real adventure on land, sea and sky, for its exoticism, diversity and awesome beauty. Few places in the world offer virtually every adventure sport options.

    Peru is one of the countries with higher economic growth in the world since 2000.

    Peru has one of the 7 Wonders of the World called Machu Picchu. You have to see to believe.

    Peru has a rich cuisine and recognized as the third gourmet capital in the world.

    Peru is a live mix of ancient customs and traditions Andean Western and Christian. One country that summarizes what the planet can offer. All microclimates, all regions, all the varieties of animal and plant world are summarized here in Peru. Peru is a multicultural country. Peru the world’s catalog!

    Peru has an original and unique liquor finest in the world called Pisco, produced in Peru since the sixteenth century, in the city of the same name Pisco, about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Lima, capital of Peru.

    Peru is a unique land.

    I will see you there

    Best wishes

    Clemente V