Never let anyone tell you that you can not do it

Ever heard the phrase “Not everyone has the ability to do that” or someone told you “you are not able to do that”, underestimating your abilities and talent.
Never let anyone tell you that you can not do something. If you have a dream you have to protect. People who are not able to do something will tell you that you can not. But to achieve that, you have to act and do so with desire, discipline and determination. (See video bellow)

A few months ago while I went swimming in a pool of well-known club in the city of Lakewood, California to relax and overcome depression over the loss of a loved one, looking around me note that a person was swimming 40 laps in the pool without stopping, which caught my attention. So I approached him and said, “I can only swim half of the pool and I’m tired and not enough air to keep swimming. How do you do to swim 40 laps of the pool without stopping? “This person told me arrogantly:” That anyone could not swim the 40 laps as he did because it had to be born with that ability and I also would not be able to achieve. “I was angry with that answer and I decide not to pay attention to those words so arrogant.

In the next two days, I saw in the pool another person who also swam 40 laps in the pool without stopping and asked him the same question: “How do you do to make 40 laps of the pool without stopping?”This person was completely different the previous one, and he replied: “First, nobody is chasing you, so your swim, desperately so fast. Second, you have to learn to breathe, when you’re swimming with the head submerged underwater, and want to breathe again, just turn your head 90 degrees and air intakes at the mouth, then dip your head under the water again, swimming continuous while you pull the air through the nose gradually. And third you have to learn a style of swimming. After these three steps, you just focus on improving your speed to swim. ”

I followed this advice and started to improve the average lap swimming to a record 52 laps of the pool, which took me approximately 6 months. To prove to myself, that I could swim like an expert in swimming. I would not have been born to swim, but I want to do things well and adding desire, discipline and determination, so I get what I wanted.

But if I had accepted the answer of the first person, that any person does not have the ability to swim that way and I had been born with the ability to swim, I would swim, only half of the pool. Maybe if I’d been born with the ability to swim, I had taken only one or two months for swimming the 52 laps.
Sometimes you need those challenges in life, when nobody believes in you. But the only person to believe in you is yourself and you achieve success in your life. You decide….

Best wishes

Clemente V

Are you afraid to face this problem?

How to deal with fear? Fear is a feeling of alertness and anxiety about the presence of a hazard, a bad or unknown, whether real or imaginary. Fear is suspected to happen against what you expect or want.

When you face a problem or a challenge, you have two options and none of them can see or touch. You have to choose between “Fear and Hope.” I choose Hope, because I will have faith and confidence that I will be what I want. If you choose fear, failure will always be with you and you will never enjoy success.

Let me tell you how to face fear and failure.

1. Fear. The key to overcoming fear and grow to your potential is the action. This breaks the cycle of fear. Consider:


But look what happen when you replace the inaction by the action:


Face the fear with a positive action, it leads to more action, less fear and more successful. Answer each question to help you take the next step to overcome fear:

a) What fear is in the way of your next step in your life?

b) Measure your fears in the light of your dream and develop your potential:
Benefits to overcome fear. —– Benefits of avoiding the fear
________________________ —– __________________________________.
________________________ —– __________________________________.
________________________ —– __________________________________.
________________________ —– __________________________________.
c) Make a list of things you can and cannot control in relation to your fear:
Things I can control. —– Things I can not control
________________________ —– __________________________________.
________________________ —– __________________________________.
________________________ —– __________________________________.
________________________ —– __________________________________.
Make a commitment to stop worrying about things you cannot control and work with that you can control.

d) Set a deadline for action. What day will you begin actively to confront and overcome the fear and do what you have to do?

e) Write a creed that will help you confront and overcome your fears in the future:

2. FAILURE: Use a large recent failure as a springboard to success. Answer the following to develop the process:

a) Describe your most recent failure.

Make sure that the failure has not taken personally. Check for writing something like: “I am a bad driver” instead of “I had an accident”.

b) How long has it been since that happened? Are you allowing this failure keep you down? If so, What could you do to get up?

c) What is the time to use this failure to correct its course? If so, How?

d) What can you learn from this experience?
1. ________________________________________________________________.
2. ________________________________________________________________.
3. ________________________________________________________________.

e) What is the whole picture? Where and how this failure can be an opportunity for your life?

f) Memorize these words: I never again shirk failure. This is a normal part of my life. I take my chances. I will do my best. When I fail, I will learn and will continue. Failure is my springboard to success.

Apply this in your life and help you overcome your fear.
Go ahead, I know you can!

Best wishes

Clemente V

Did you find your passion?

Several months ago I went to Queen Mary, a ship stuck in the Port of Long Beach, California, where the first convention of Salsa was performed. The dancers came to their performance, and the host asked for applause for them, but very few applauded. Then the host told the audience: “Do you know how long it takes these dancers in their rehearsals to make a great performance of three minutes? If you do not know, it takes six months of rehearsals, correction of errors, try again to make it better, in addition to descipline, desire and determination. And you can not get to them with loud applause. That’s when the audience just cheered strong.

This expression of “six months of rehearsals and discipline for three minutes of dancing”, I made the reflection about that. Actually I thought that six months was a long time for a great performance of three minutes. But that is life.

How many of you already found what you were passionate in your life? Very few people. And whoever found his passion for life, I congratulate you. And, Do you know how many years (not months) of our life we dutifully trying to reach our goals and achieve success? How many years of our lives we must maintain that discipline, desire and determination to achive our goals?

For example, Salsa Intocable Dance Company (See video above) it takes several months from the dancers to learn the routine and then polishing errors. But every day that they rehearsal, they will see where their mistakes and are correcting to reach its set goal.

That’s what once commented Laura Luu (Director of Salsa Intocable Dance Company). Her passion for dance led her to form her own dance company.

Another example of discipline and perseverance is Josie Neglia, professional dancers, Bachata and Salsa (see video above), besides acting in films such as “Dance with me” next to Chayanne. As she once told me that her passion in life was dancing. She applied the 3Ds to become one of the best Bachata dancers. Desire, Discipline and Determination.

Do you know what you want to be in your life? That’s the first step toward achievement. Like these great dancers who are passionate about dancing Salsa and Bachata. It is therefore very important that you find that is what you love to do in your life.

If you have not found your passion, read this article in this blog Why you need Prosperity? (A tip or advice, Read or watch the video 21 consecutive days, in the morning to change your way of thinking).

What do you like so much, that makes you happy?
What do you like so much, you do without thinking?
What do you like so much that just thinking about it you enjoy it?

Best wishes

Clement V

The Secret

The Secret (extracts from the book and the movie of the same name. See video bellow)

The Secret has been highly coveted, hidden, lost, stolen and bought for vast sums of money. This ancient secret knew what some of the most prominent personages in history: Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein, as well as many other inventors, theologians, scientists and great thinkers. Now the secret is revealed to the world.

You are a creator and the creative process using the Law of Attraction is simple. The great teachers often tell stories to show how the universe works. The wisdom of these stories has been transmitted over the centuries and has become legendary. Many people today do not realize that their Teachings are the truth of life.
Think of Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp. Aladdin picks up the lamp, dusts it and leaves the genius. The Genius always says, “Your wish is our command.”
In the story, the genie grants Aladdin three wishes, but if you back to the origins of that story will find that there were no limits.

Think about it.

Now referred to this metaphor and apply it in your life. Remember that Aladdin is the one who always asks what he wants. Then you have the Universe that is genius. The traditions have given different names: the guardian angel, your higher self, the supreme being, and so on. You can call it as you please and choose the one you like, but all traditions have told us that there is something higher. And the genius always responds, “Your wish is our command.”

This wonderful story demonstrates how your whole life and everything in it you have created it. The Genius has simply responded to each of your orders. The genius is the Law of Attraction is always present and listening to what you think, say and do. The genius is that whatever you think, you want it. That everything you say you want it. Everything you do, you want it. You are the master of the Universe and the genius is to serve you. The genius never questions your commands. Your think your commands and immediately begins to implement the Universe, through people, circumstances and events to fulfill your wishes.

The Creative Process

The Creative Process used in The Secret, was taken from the New Testament of the Bible is a simple guideline for you to create what you want to give three simple steps.

First Step:
The first step is to ask. Gives an order to the Universe. Let the Universe know what you want, but you must be very clear. This is your job. If you do not have it clear the law of attraction may not be granted. You send a confusing frequency will attract only mixed results. Perhaps for the first time in your life, try to discover what you really want. Now that you know that you can have, be and do and you know there are no limits, what do you want?

Asking is the first step in the creative process, so make it a habit. If you choose and do not know that you called for clarification of ideas. You should never let anything slow you in your life. Just ask.

Step Two:
The second step is to have faith. Trust that it is yours. Believe in the unseen.
You believe what you received. By the time you ask, believe and know that you already have the invisible, the whole universe changes to grant you. You must act, speak and think as if you’re getting now. Why? The Universe is a mirror and the Law of Attraction is projecting your main thoughts. So, you think it makes sense that you see yourself getting, do you? If your thoughts contain the idea that you have not yet, you will keep attracting that lack. You have to believe that you already have. You must believe that you have already received. You have to emit the frequency of the feeling of receiving it, to return all those pictures to your life. When you do, the law of attraction will move to force all the circumstances, people and events for you to receive. How do you come to believe? Begins to pretend, be like a child, plays pretend. It acts as if you have it. While you pretend that it is already, you start to believe that you have received.

Step Three:
The third and last step of the process is to receive. Start feeling good. Feel like you will feel when you get. Feel it now. When you feel good you are in the frequency of receiving. This frequency that all things come to you and to receive what you asked. The study and practice of the law of attraction is based only on finding out what will help you generate the feeling of having something now. All you can do to get it will help you attract.
Trust your instincts. It is the Universe, who inspires you. The Universe communicates with you in the reception frequency if you have an intuition or an instinct, follow it and you discover that the Universe is moving magnetically to you what you asked.
Remember that you are magnet that attracts everything. When you clear in your mind that’s what you want, you will have become a magnet that attracts things towards you. The more you practice and begin to see that the Law of Attraction brings you more things, you will be better magnet because supplemented by the power of faith, belief and knowledge. Trust the Universe. Trust, believe and have faith.

“Let it be to you according to your faith (Matthew 9:29)

Faith is like a magical power that propels you to greatness.

Best wishes

Clement V

Be Creative!

In these times you have to be creative, always doing something that you really passionate about doing in your life. For example, this boy of only 17 years old has created an application to Apple (See video below).

Many people say that the economy is very bad since the year 2007 and continuing until the present year 2010. There are many people Unemployed, businesses that go bankrupt, people lose their homes, etc. waiting for the government or a super hero to help them. And we continued to complain about our bad luck and we are poor people, and so on.

Do you know the difference between a wealthy person and a poor person?
What each of them do in your free time …

While the person who has decided to be wealthy, initially working for free in their spare time as a passion in his life, because he knows that prosperity would come later, because eventually it will become a master in what his life’s passion and everyone will want to work with him for being the best in their field and when the opportunity arrives at his side, he will be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity and be successful in life.

While the poor person does not do anything productive to improve himself in his spare time, hoping to find a well paid job and so the years pass and will continue waiting for an opportunity, which can never take for not having prepared for this and never discovered his passion in life, working in jobs that never liked to do. Initially prayed to find a job, find it, and then complains that he has to go to work does not like it. Work at something you do not like to do, that’s not living, and that is slowly dying.

Best wishes

Clemente V

Why You Need Prosperity?

Prosperity: to be able to share it with people, this way there would be no envy and selfishness. Without economic concerns, we would have financial freedom and would focus on developing our qualities, lifestyles, along with good health.

The important thing is not money, it is to achieving financial freedom. The power to enjoy what you like to do, of course without harming others. For that you need to find what you like to do, what your passionate about, what you would do without getting paid a cent, and would put many hours of effort and not see it as work but as entertainment, something that also can serve your people. Focusing and persisting on your dreams, to overcome those obstacles and therefore achieve success.

To reach the prosperity we need to find success. What is success? The author John C. Maxwell defines success as;
“Success is knowing your purpose in life, grow to reach their maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others”.

The potential for greatness lives within each one of us. The key to obtain greatness is to discover our dream and then build it up.

I think each one of us has a dream in there heart. It is for that very reason for which we were born. This requires our gifts and talents. It appeals to our highest ideals. It turns our sense of destiny. Is inseparably linked with the purpose of our life. A dream will start us in the journey to success. Ford Motor Company founder, Henry Ford stated: “The whole secret of a successful life is to discover that we are destined to do and then do it.”

A dream will give us the direction to where we want to be in life.
A dream will increase our potential.
A dream will help us on establishing prioritization.
A dream will add value to our work.
A dream will foretell our future.
A dream will comes true when we put start and completion date.

A dream without a positive attitude will result in someone who daydreams.
A positive attitude without a dream will result in a pleasant person who can not progress.
A dream with a positive attitude will result in a person with unlimited possibilities and potential. To get far away in the right direction you need both, a dream and a positive attitude.
If you have intelligence, talent, education, technical knowledge, opportunities and a strong ethic of hard work, but lack the right attitude you will never enjoy the journey to success. Who are you and where you are today, is the result of your attitude.

Do you want to see how the human brain can help you have a lucid dream? Watch the video above. (after the minute 03:14 of this video)

To achieve your dream you have to plan and create a goal, as Jim Rohrbach the author of Success Skills Coach states, “Follow this objective, and not a resolution as the beginning of the year where we all make decisions and not be met.” This is the idea:
Happy New Year to you! A new year and a new beginning. If you’re like majority people, you’ve probably not taken seriously your New Year’s resolutions. You’ve said, “THIS is the year I’m going to lose weight and get in shape. “Starting January 1st, no more junk food.” “ I’m joining the gym and I’m going to work out daily.” “I may even do my first marathon.” What happens? By February 1st (the latest …) you’re back on the junk food regimen, and you’ve been to the gym a total of five times (you’re “just too busy to get there”), and you’ve filed that marathon application in the trash. You’ve concluded, “Resolutions don’t work for me.” (You’re not the only one this happens to …)
Maybe you need a better approach. Instead of making a mental resolution, create a Mission Statement.

A Mission Statement is:
• a handwritten or typed-out plan
• posted somewhere you can see it on a regular basis
• commit to yourself
• have specific ideas with measurable outcomes
• a deadline — in this case, December 31st
Here’s a way you can use right now to create a Mission Statement for personal success in your career or business. Get out a pen and some paper:

Step A. Write down five positive personality characteristics you like about yourself in your career/business. For example: willingness to learn, persistence, creativity, friendliness, sense of humor, etc.
Step B. For the items you listed above, describe the way you express each positive characteristic on a regular basis in your career, using the word “by” to begin each phrase. For example, if you listed “willingness to learn” above, you might write “by being committed to ongoing professional development” below. Another example: If you wrote “persistence” above, you might write “by making sure the job always gets done” below.
Step C. Write down five goals you’d like to achieve by one year from today. Be sure to list a specific financial goal separate from these five goals.
Step D. Look back over Steps A, B, and C, and circle the three most important items in each column.
Step E. Now fill in the blanks of the following paragraph:
My purpose is to express my ____________________, , _______________________, ____________________ (write in the three items you circled in Step A) by ____________________ , by ____________________, and by ____________________ (write in the three items you circled in Step B) to create ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________, (write in the three items you circled in Step C) and at least ____________________ (write in your financial goal) by ____________________ (write in the date one year
from today).”
When finished, you will have a short paragraph that reads something like:
“My purpose is to express my intelligence, creativity, and people skills by continually learning and applying new ideas, by finding unique solutions to my clients’ problems, and by building a powerful network of contacts to create 15 new corporate accounts, a steady flow of referral and renewal business, and full technological competence, and at least $125,000 in gross commissions by this date one year from today.”
I hope you give this deceptively simple exercise a try, and I encourage you to follow the guidelines above of posting it where you can review it, committing it to memory and reciting it daily. Then you won’t need to make any more fruitless resolutions.

Then, we must begin to realize our dreams, because times do not wait to nobody.

Best Wishes

Clemente V