What do you believe?

How do you think you will do this year?

Do you think you’ll be fine or you go wrong?

Do you believe you can or you cannot achieve your goals?

Do you believe you can or you cannot heal the disease that ails you?

Do you believe you can or you cannot overcome the problems you have?

Do you believe you can or you cannot get along with your partner? With your parents? With your children? With your neighbors?


The answer is simply what you believe at this moment will be.

If you believe that so will be you succeeding.

If you believe that do not succeed then it will not.

We received what we believe!


Our beliefs and expectations exert much power and influence over our lives.

Not always get what we deserve in life, but usually do not get more than you expect, we receive what we believe.

And you know what? Unfortunately, this principle works with equal force to both the negative and positive.


We get just what we believe!


As the case of Nick Sitzman, who worked in a railway company for many years. He was a good worker, reliable and get along with his other co-workers. But he had a major flaw. It was a very negative person who always feared the worst and constantly worried and disturbed that something bad might happen. A day like any other, Nick entered one of refrigerated wagons. When he closed the door, tries to open it from the inside and could not. He was trapped inside the wagon refrigerator. He started screaming with all his strength for someone to open, but there was not a person close to hear their desperate cries for help. He sat on the floor of the wagon and surrendered to the cold and began to freeze. The next day they entered the wagon refrigerator, they found him dead. They realized that with a knife on the floor had written: “It is so cold that my body freezes, if only I could sleep.” The autopsy confirmed dead body by freezing. The amazing thing about this story is that the wagon refrigerator was off and the lowest temperature that night was 13 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit). Nick thought the refrigerator was on and it was his own belief, thinking about that he was freezing, it that ended killing him. It happened to Nick what he feared and expected.

Today there are many people like Nick, who are always expecting the worst, expect the defeat, the mediocrity, and almost always get what they expect, they become what they believe. In this case it was a negative belief.


In a study published by the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, was investigated in patients with severe debilitating pain in the knee. Patients were divided into three groups. The first group was operated by cutting damaged cartilage in the knee. The second group will only clean the joint cartilage and reduced inflammation. The third group, called the placebo group, only opened the knee and the whole procedure was simulated operation as though becoming really. (Placebo is defined as a substance which has no curative action but which produces a therapeutic effect if the patient believes that making a medicine really effective).

In this third group the patients believed that they had been operated successfully, but the truth is that they had just opened and closed the knee. In other words, they had performed a sham operation. The study found that the first and second group operated improved. But the surprising thing was that the third group, the so-called placebo group improved in the same proportion as the other two. We tracked over time (up to two years later), and these people could play sports with the same intensity as the other.

They were cured by having the belief that had been operated successfully. In this case it was a positive belief. What you believe has a much greater impact on your life than what someone else believes.


The following story happened to East Los Angeles, Garfield High School, which was one of the worst and one of the country’s poorest suburbs. Students were not interested and teachers had lost all hopes. But Jaime Escalante, a new math teacher, had a growth mindset. He believed that no matter what skills people have, if they tried hard, they could learn and grow and even excel. His story was so incredible that it became a movie called “Stand and Deliver” about his case. Escalante raised the level of mathematics students from a basic level to university level. The school went from being one of the worst in math to be one of the best places in the national ranking. Students of Professor Escalante obtained so good academic performance in math tests, which gained university educational credits.


In this case, Professor Escalante believed in the capacity of their students. As he said in Spanish: “You can succeed if you have “GANAS”. Mean: you can be successful if you have the desire, discipline and determination. Simply Escalante made to believe their students to believe in themselves. And so it was. His students began to believe in themselves and achieve their goal. Most students graduated from college as Thomas Valdez who now works for NASA, as well as Erika Camacho earned a master calculus, and now teaches at Arizona State University. (See video above).


According to the researcher Carol Dweck, author of the book Mindset, there are two types of belief: Belief limiting and empowering beliefs.



Please before continuing to read, say, whether you agree (A) or disagree (D) with each of the following statements by researcher Dweck:


1. ______ Intelligence is a trait inherent to each individual and cannot be changed much.

2. ______ Each one can learn new things, but you cannot really change how intelligent is each individual.

3. ______ Each one is a type of person and you cannot do much to change.

4. ______ Each one can do different things, but the important aspects of a person cannot be changed.

5. ______ No matter how much intelligence has each one, but each one has the ability to increase significantly.

6. ______ Each one can change how smart is such a way substantial.

7. ______ No matter what kind of person each one is, each person can change substantially.

8. ______ Each one could always change the fundamental aspects about the person we are.


If you are more in agreement with the first four statements, your belief is limiting, meaning that their qualities are fixed, are set in stone and cannot grow. According Dweek, people who have such beliefs are people with fixed beliefs.


If you are more in agreement with the statements of 5 to 8, then you have a growth mindset or belief empowering. Then your qualities can grow and can grow through effort.


As you can see in the investigations, our beliefs govern our behavior.


Can you easily change these beliefs? According to Dweck, only becoming aware of our position on the topic already helps us to change. If I realize that I have beliefs related to the fixed mindset, then it would be best to try to be aware of how these beliefs affect my life.


Believe in good things in your life.


Wake up every morning saying, “Today is the best day of my life” and it is.


Good vibrations will attract into your life. Even when facing the most difficult times in your job, in your business, in your health, please don’t have expectation of staying there. Keep the expectation to get out of that problem. Look at the problem as a challenge as a chance to experience positively, as an opportunity to grow spiritually.


If you go through difficult times in your marriage, do not get frustrated or give up saying: “I knew from the beginning that this marriage would not work.” If you give up, you are doing what Nick did in the wagon refrigerator. Your hopes so low will destroy your marriage. Your wrong way of thinking will tear down. You need to change the way you think and what you are expecting. Stop waiting for failure and start growing you will succeed.


Even whether your life is a disaster, there’s a positive side. Like the saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining.


If you decide to keep your focus on the negative things in your life, whether your focus is about what you cannot do and not on what you can do, then you are allowing of their own accord be defeated.


But if you keep your focus on the positive things in life, their faith may be that doeth in a supernatural way in your life. Your faith, your belief in yourself will help you overcome the obstacles and allow you to reach new levels of victory. Remember that depends on the way you see things in negative or positive way in your life. If you think your life negatively attract negative things. If you think your life positively attract positive things.


So, do you think you’ll be fine or you will go badly in your life?


You decide!


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Best wishes


Clemente V

What leads to success?

Which leads to success in your life simply apply the definition of these 8 words, as Richard St. John from TED (non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the ideas worth spreading) says after he made 500 interviews with enterprising people asking the question to each of them, “What leads to success? This was the conclusion arrived:

1. Passion. In the interview he did to Freeman Thomas, designer of cars Daimler Chrysler, who replied: “I drive by my passion.” In the interview he did to Carol Coletta, producer of Smart City Radio, who replied: “Do it for love and not for money. I’d pay someone to do what I do.

2. Work. In the interview he did to Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Big Cheese, who said: “It is hard work. Nothing comes easily. But I have so much fun working. ”

3. Good. Alex Garden, game designer, said: “To be successful put your effort into something into something that you are really good. No magic, practice, practice, practice. ”

4. Focus. Standard Jewinson, filmmaker said, “I think it all has to do with focusing on one thing.”

5. Push. David Gallo, a marine scientist said, “Push yourself physically and mentally. You have to push, push and push. ”

6. Serve. Sherwin Nuland, professor of surgery, said: “It was a privilege to serve as a doctor.”

7. Ideas. Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, said: “I had an idea, founding the first computer software company.

8. Persistence. Joe Kraus, co-founder of Excite, said: “Persistence is the number one reason for our success is persistence.”

These are the 8 things that lead to success.

Best wishes

Clemente V

Fundamentals for Personal Achievement

Things in your life are not going as you would like it and lately you feel stuck in your life, you see that does not come any kind personal improvement and that you are about to drown in the routine. Then it’s time to consider whether the lifestyle that we are carrying is really good.

If you ask yourself “Where am I standing really? Or what did I do with my life? “So it is essential that you read this article and watch the video (see video above), which will help you arise yourself in another way, and see ways in which you may change your situation.

Anthony Robbins and his foundations for Personal Development

Anthony Robbins is now one of the leaders in ontological coaching, emotional intelligence, Personal Achievement and neurolinguistic programming. We could say that today is the worldwide figure represents growth, Personal Achievement and progress.

For Tony Robbins, the first thing to do if we see that our life does not work as we would like is to ask what is going wrong,  what is the problem we want to change. Based on be clear about which is the problem, we must follow three steps to a better quality of life and be able to overcome the problem, keeping a positive attitude.

The Three Pillars of Personal Achievement

The first step of this technique is to “focus and have a clear vision and attractive of what you want.” You must put firmly in mind what you want to achieve, but not only that, but you have to keep a positive attitude about it, thinking every day that you will succeed, you will achieve your Personal Achievement and this achievement is getting closer.

The second step of the method is “get the best tools, the best map”. What Robbins refers to this? Basically, it is useless motivation or encouraging words if we do not have the tools or sufficient guidance to accomplish the task. So it is always recommended seek a mentor, a person who serves as an example, who can imitate and that somehow inspire us with their history of success and improvement.

And finally the third step, and most importantly, “you resolve your inner conflicts.” It is the fundamental step of the technique. 80% of the success stories and Personal Achievement are fully linked to the psychological part of the person, so it is essential that if you have any personal issue unresolved, fix it soon. If you do not solve it, you always end up taking four steps forward, but backward five.

First, recognize what are the internal conflicts that you have and then just let them go, line up your life under what you want to achieve and find the person who can guide you on your way to your Personal Achievement.  Internal conflicts are those that we have within our mind sometimes even unconsciously making it difficult to discover and correct them, for example:

I want financial freedom but I do not like research or study how to achieve it, I prefer to go out and have fun instead of wasting time with that of financial education. You will never achieve financial freedom if you do not spend time on your preparation, do not mean you have to do a university degree for this, but you really need discipline, reading and exercise to achieve this. At first will be a little difficult as any change in your life then, you will be more comfortable with yourself. Remember when you learned to ride a bike, when you learned to drive a car, when you learned to use the computer and now all that you do automatically without thinking.

Another example to better understand the concept:

I wish to have a stable and lasting relationship with my partner, but I want to do what I want when I want – Here is a conflict and to have that kind of relationship often have to sacrifice time and personal preferences to include and share with your partner. Do you understand the concept better?

That is the concept of Internal Conflict, and we must find each of these that prevent us from Personal Achievement, and understand that we have no other option than correct them and take them for what they are, barriers, that we have to jump one by one in the Personal Achievement race, or take action and plan how to eradicate them conscious, and that only you can do yourself, because you’re the only one who knows what your internal conflicts.

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Clemente V

From anywhere in the world

Imagine having access to your documents, pictures, videos from anywhere in the world, such as television programs Science fiction. Well, you no longer have to imagine. Already available to you through the new technology that uses the Internet called Cloud Computing, which will change their lives to all those people who know how to use a computer. And those who cannot use a computer or do not take advantage of using the computer will isolate the progress of humanity without realizing it.

Cloud computing” is a new model of business services and technology, which allows the user to access a catalog of standardized services and meet the needs of your business, a flexible and adaptive, if demands are not predictable or of peak workloads, paying only for consumption made.
The paradigm shift that provides cloud computing is that it allows to increase the number of network-based services. This creates benefits for suppliers that can offer more quickly and efficiently, a greater number of services to users who are able to access them, enjoying the ‘transparency’ and immediacy of the system and a pay per use.

Cloud computing achieves these advantages make, based on a dynamic technology infrastructure that is characterized, among other factors, a high degree of automation, rapid mobilization of resources, high adaptability to meet variable demand and advanced virtualization and flexible pricing depending on consumption made.

The emergence of cloud computing is the computing equivalent of the electricity revolution of a century ago.  Before the advent of electricity utilities, every farm and business produce its own electricity from freestanding generators. After the electrical grid was created, farms and businesses shut down their generators and bought electricity from the utilities, at a much lower price and with much greater reliability that they could produce on their own.

Look for the same type of revolution to occur as cloud computing takes hold. The desktop-centric notion of computing that we hold today is bound to fall by the wayside as we come to expect the universal access, 24/7 reliability, and ubiquitous collaboration promised by cloud computing.


Pros and cons


Cloud Computing: Advantages


– Lower-cost computers for users

– Improved Performance

– Lower IT infrastructure costs

– Fewer maintenances issues

– Lower software costs

– Instant software updates

– Increase computing power

– Unlimited storage capacity

– Increased data safety

– Improved compatibility between operating systems

– Improved document format compatibility

– Easier group collaboration

– Universal access to documents

– Latest version availability

– Removes the tether to specific devices


Cloud Computing: Disadvantages


– Requires a constant internet connection

– Doesn’t work well with low-speed connections

– Can be slow

– Features might be limited

– Stored data might not be secure

I hope this information helps you to advance faster in their goals.

Best wishes

Clemente V

Like a God

Are you like a God?
I ask each of you:
Do you consider that you are like a God?
It’s the same question I asked some classmates from school. Here I tell you the conversation I had with them. (I will use fictitious names, any resemblance is purely coincidental.)

Do you consider that you are like a God?
For example you, John Martinez Garcia, Do you consider yourself as a God?
Do you feel that you are like a God?
Sure most of you or perhaps all of you will say that you are not considered as a god

Lets do an example with John Martinez Garcia
When John was born and came into this world. It was from the union of his father John, Mr. Mario Martinez and his mother Ms. Jennifer Garcia.

At birth, John, became a Martinez. Yes or No?
Yes, he became a Martinez, I did not say that John is “Mario Martinez,” I said that John is a Martinez.

According to the Bible were created in the image and likeness of God.
And we are all children of God. (Possibly other religions say the same. I cannot insure. Or if you’re an atheist, I respect your opinion)

So, if Juan Martinez Garcia, was created in the image and likeness of God and is the son of God

Conclusion: John would become a little god, I did not say it was the Almighty God, I said, John became a little god with powers that it has to discover for himself, one of which is his passion for what loves to do in life, he was born with a purpose to this life and a gift that just has it and if he uses that gift to help his fellow man, created around him prosperity, health and love.

If you had asked John if he considered himself a Martinez, sure he had said: “I do not consider myself a Martinez, I am a Martinez, because I am a son of a Martinez.” In the same way if someone asks you if you’re a God, your answer should be: Yes, I am a God because I am a child of God, son of an Almighty.

We have an incredible body, but just do not know what we have and we use only 2% of our abilities and powers. And just possibly we discovered when we are in the abyss of our lives, when our life is in danger, when we are threatened by something, it is when we put all our strength and overcome the challenge before us.

One of my colleagues told me I had to come down from the clouds, I was dreaming. And I answered, “Why I have to get out of the clouds? It would be better than all of you also go up to the clouds and behaved as a child of God. Helping their peers with the talent and gift you were born and that most of you did not realize you have it. ”

After watching the following video, I hope you think like me. That we are all little

First you have to believe in yourself. You decide which way to go. All I’m trying to do is help you discover and develop your own talent and gift with which they were born.

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Best wishes

Clemente V

A New Year equals A New person

A special new year’s message for you. “Believe”
Believe in yourself-
In the power you have to control your own life, day by day…

Believe the Strength

That you have deep inside and your faith will help show you the way…

Believe in Tomorrow and what it will bring-

Let a hopeful heart carry you through…

For things will work out

You must trust and BELIEVE there is no limit to what you can do!

The sky is the limit,

So have your


Start a new year by creating a new person in you, just starting to believe in yourself.  Competition in life is against yourself. Improving our skills and worked to overcome our shortcomings.
Needless It’s amazing that we have full awareness of the value of things-a car, a house, a coat, etc.-but it do not know the value of the maximum, which is the value of self.

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Unfortunately, we are always reproaching our shortcomings and weaknesses, and look forward to all those qualities that do not possess, which is reflected in all areas of our lives. We do not have the house, the car we do not have, the money we do not have, woman, child, family, etc., and must learn to love what we have.

If we can build a team spirit with our loved ones, friends and neighbors, and despite the differences we can form a group of people to deal with all situations and understand the true value of friendship and we are also aware of the feeling of sharing, life will be simpler and the passage of the years we have left to live will be more enjoyable.

A man without fault would be an angel and without qualities would be a monster, all humans are a mix of strengths and weaknesses and any potential usually involves a weakness in itself: for example, very sensitive person has the potential to perceive all their environment more easily than others, but his intense suffering it could experience more intensely.

The artist who enjoys taking the canvas what he sees in a masterly way, possibly his desire to achieve perfection or its highest artistic expression routes it to a continuous and relentless search for a lifetime, wearing prematurely so you can not divide the human being in a simplistic system of qualities and defects, we must be aware of the qualities we have. To the extent that we are more aware of our worth, we will be gaining more self respect for ourselves, and this, rather than arrogant, should be responsible for auto demand more each of us.

Listening to a program of self-esteem than to “be able to love others need to love yourself because only you can give to others what one has.” The self-love does not imply a self-centered reality. It is a genuine interest, warmth and respect for oneself, is struggling to rediscover and preserve their own uniqueness, to discover the true wonder of yourself, but not only your present own uniqueness, also the many possibilities that you possess.

Love yourself means to appreciate their own value above all things. Love yourself also means knowing that only you can be you. If you try to be like someone else might you approach a lot, but you will always be an imitation without much value, being yourself is the simplest, most practical, most satisfying, so it makes sense that can only be for other than you are to yourself.

If you know yourself, appreciate if you accept yourself and your uniqueness, allow others to do likewise. If you value and appreciate the discovery of yourself, encourage others to undertake this important search. If you recognize your need to be free to know who you are, allow others also have the freedom to do so. When you realize that you are the best of yourself, accept the fact that others are the best of themselves, even when you understand that everything starts with you.

To the extent that you know yourself (and we are all more alike than different), you can meet others when you love yourself, love others, and in the depth and extent that you can love yourself, precisely this depth and love others as you all must understand that the most important is to realize our own potential and stresses and not try to be someone else. It is considering the immense number of books, seminars, courses on people who have been successful, who for years have talked about what we do to be successful. However, almost no one was looking to instill in each person’s ego is the potential for achieving any goal we set, the traditional educational system is dedicated to sell the virtues of others but has neglected the wealth that each has and that project must be identified and potentiates the qualities of each person.

A proper assessment should not be confused with arrogance and superiority conception of ourselves, but on the contrary, we must give greater humility and responsibility to obtain from each of our potential as a self-expectation that every day we are required to act in accordance not what we are, but what we should be.

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Clement V