Following Principles or Values

Imagine you’re on a cruise from America to Europe in the voyage, the ship sinks, all die, and happily you are the only person who is able to save in a lifeboat. Life gave you another chance to live again.

Fortunately the lifeboat is full of provisions for this type of emergency, and the lifeboat can be converted into a sailing boat to help you navigate and even has a compass, so you can guide. Without realizing it, you’re in a huge ocean sailing and wind starts blowing and you’re at their mercy. You lose your balance and you drop the compass at sea, unable to recover.

The winds just take you wherever the wind blows

principles or values English

How to know which way to go? How could orient yourself?

To orient yourself have to find something that will never change. The answer is: the sun, moon and stars.

Something similar happens in our lives. In a world where you have so many paths possibilities, opportunities and temptations to follow in our lives we are disoriented.

How I can orient myself to follow the right path?

What is it that never changes in life?

The answer is “The Principles“.

How do you define principles?

The principles are universal laws, natural, self-evident and self-demonstrable that are external to us that govern all things and ultimately control the consequences of our actions. The principles are independent of us. Operate outside of our awareness of them, of our acceptance of them, if we like, whether we believe in them or attack them. Humility (from the point of view virtuous, is to accept our skills and weaknesses, without boast about them.) is the mother of all virtues. Humility tells us that we do not control, and the principles are those that control, and therefore we submit to them.

The Principles are based on the character and for that we must have a character ethic according to Dr. Stephen R. Covey:

Character Ethics consists of:

– Integrity

– Fidelity

– Courage

– Compassion

– Contribution

– Responsibility

– Justice

Instead Values ​​are internal and subjective, and represent what we feel with greater strength and that orients our behavior. Everyone has values; even a group of criminals have values. The values ​​govern people’s behavior, but the principles governing the consequences of such conduct. Pride is the opposite of humility. The person who is arrogant is pretentious, interested, selfish, and it is believed, self-sufficient and generally does things for convenience.

For that reason, if your values ​​are based on the principles, the consequences of your actions will be favorable for you, because the principles never change.

There are different types of values and to better understand these can be classified according to the following criteria according to the author Juan Carlos Jimenez:

Personal Values:

They are those who consider essential principles upon which we build our life and guide us to relate to other people. They are usually a mixture of family values ​​and socio-cultural value, along with those who add as individuals according to our experiences.

Family values:

They refer to what in family values ​​and set as right or wrong. They are derived from the fundamental beliefs of the parents, which educate their children. Basic principles and guidelines are our initial behavior in society. They are spread across all the behaviors with which we act as a family, from the simplest to the most “solemn”.

• Socio-cultural values:

They are prevalent in the society in which we live. Have changed throughout history and may not coincide with personal or family values. It is a complex mixture of different types of assessments, which in many cases appear contradictory or pose dilemmas.

For example, if socially not promoted the value of work as a means of personal fulfillment, society indirectly ends up encouraging “anti-values” such as dishonesty, irresponsibility or crime.

Another common example in our times, socio-cultural value is the one you see in most commercial on television, radio and other media, which attack your sub-conscious, reaching to wash your brain and tell you to be happy you have to have a car of the year, a big house, wear fashionable clothes, have electronic games, etc., often getting into debt more than it is within your reach and to the extent of neglecting your health. With this pretext, companies are taking advantage of your vanity, pride, “what will people say” and wanting to impress all your friends and acquaintances and strangers on social networks like facebook, twitter, etc.

Another example of the dilemmas that may present socio-cultural values ​​happens when promoting that “End justifies the means.” With this pretext, terrorists and arbitrary rulers justify violence, intolerance and lies, claiming that their ultimate goal is peace.

• Material values:

They are those that allow us to survive. They have to do with our basic needs as human beings, as feed or clothe to protect us from the weather. They are important as they are needed. They are part of the complex fabric that forms the relationship between personal values, family and socio-cultural. When you exaggerate, material values ​​come into conflict with the spiritual.

• Spiritual values:

They refer to the importance we give to non-material aspects of our lives. They are part of our human needs and allow us to feel fulfilled. They add meaning and substance to our lives, as with religious beliefs.

• Moral values:

These are the attitudes and behaviors that a given society considers essential for coexistence, order and the general welfare.

You decide whether to follow:

The principles and values ​​based on principles or social values​​ NOT based on principles!

Best wishes

Clemente V

A New Year equals a New Opportunity

Resurfaces this New Year to renew your life, competing against yourself, following the principles of responsibility, integrity, courage, compassion, contribution and justice with the following suggestions:

Make an appointment with yourself, where you can communicate with yourself to see what you’re doing with your life, that result are having, how you can improve your life.

What do you want to do with your life? What is the purpose of your life? Discover the passion of your life and see how to contribute to society with passion discovered in yourself. You have to know specifically what you want. For example if I want to buy a computer, specifically I have to know what operating system I want to have in my computer like Windows or Apple, processor capacity, how many gigabytes I want to have on the motherboard RAM, how many gigabytes I want to have in memory of the hard disk, the video card, the unit disk speed, screen size, etc.


How long will you take to do it? Having a plan of action and set a deadline. In other words have a goal. A dream without a deadline is just a dream.

Execute your plan that you have traced, take action, it means establishing what you have to do to achieve your purpose in your life. You want to study and graduate, you want to have more time with your family, you want to have your own business, etc.

Do not rest on your laurels. Trying to use the knowledge, experience and wisdom. The world is advancing day by day and you have to move with the times, otherwise you stay staking. Remember that compete with yourself every day is the key to success.

Learn more to give than to receive towards our peers, our society, our planet Earth. We are spoiled and we just we want to receive. Learn to give without expecting anything in return.

Time passes quickly and do not wait for anyone, for that reason you have to discover the purpose of your life, and you will make your life spectacular.

And this New Year 2014 each of you can find in your life Love, Health and Prosperity!

Best wishes

Clemente V

Winning Team

If we can build team spirit and despite the differences we can form a group of people to deal with all situations and understand the true value of friendship and we are also aware of the feeling of sharing, life will be simpler and the crossing of years we have left to live will be more enjoyable.


Something similar happened with the basketball team of the University of Huntington Shane Merryman, who never lost faith to win this basketball game against the University of Marian Pink Floyd by a score of 61-59. They literally waited until the last second to win the game with basket achieved from ¾ court shot to beat Marian.

winning teams2

To form a team is necessary to consider not only the intellectual capacities of potential members but also their socio-psychological characteristics and personality of each component. Some teams are formed for specific tasks, others for advice and others to manage.


Dysfunctional involvement in the team indicates that something is wrong. It is then necessary to further diagnosis of the organization and its conflicts.


In teamwork and camaraderie is important to promote the role of those leaders. They work so that there is agreement on the objectives and these are clear, and we all feel committed and involved with homework.


Best wishes


Clemente V


Courage means facing not a lion, courage is to stick to the truth and admit the reality despite the problems that can bring. With unbeatable satisfaction that means!

In life, regret for abandoning a dream or goal is all that should scare us.

Make positive that plenty of intangible fears and transform it into fuel to achieve what you set. No anticipate anxiety and enjoy the process. If you live only the beginning and the end, nothing will make sense in your life and fear are permanently installed.


Courageous is he who is afraid and that gets strength from nothing to overcome. In fact, who is not afraid of nothing is irresponsible. For the fear also protects us, is part of our survival instinct. That does not mean you live overprotected or shield in fear to avoid doing a project. If you face a problem, you will leave it behind, but if you hide all you get is worse. Give up a bad habit of sweeping and hide the dirt under the mat, do not be afraid to use the vacuum cleaner!

As it would say W. Clement Stone: “Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity. ”

You decide

Clemente V

When things are not going well

Sometimes things do not go as we would really like that result. I lost a promotion at work. The sale that I expected so much, do not realize. The project I had so much hope it turned out. I was not selected for the team that wanted to play. I take chances and lost so much. My girlfriend left me. I’m getting divorced. I got sick. A close relative died, etc.


What to do in those circumstances?

What to do when life is being tested?

How to see the positive side to what is happening to us?

cosas no bien2 copy
At that time is when you can begin to grow mentally and spiritually.

No winner has been forged when things go well.

It’s easy to act when everything goes smoothly, but when things are not going well, life is giving you the opportunity to get the best of you, to show the way you’re made. At that moment life is giving you the opportunity to begin forging the winner in you. A winner cannot develop without resistance to overcome. You cannot get the better of you, you cannot grow unless we find obstacles, problems, challenges in your way and you have to overcome. Not going be a comfortable, easy, familiar, but it is the only way to grow up to be a winner. Sooner or later everyone will go through such adversity, but if you are able to cope with the situation, and every time you are revealed to adversity, every time you refuse to be defeated by it, every time you refuse to be a victim of circumstances, each time you decide that you are a cause and not an effect, every time you beat that difficulty you are becoming a winner in your life.


To understand this more easily, I will give a simple example, something that you already have it in you.

Your muscles!

What people have to do to get strong and develop their muscles in a gym?


First thing it does is lifting. First thing it does facing against resistance and the reason is behind our own anatomy. How to develop a muscle? The muscle is developed after the fibers have been destroyed, because the muscles that your body previously had was not enough. It was nowhere to be rise to the challenge to beat the resistance and therefore these fibers break and your body give the order to create stronger fibers. That process can take days or weeks.


With your character and personality is exactly the same, when you are in situations that you feel that won’t really overcome, then you will feel depressed, tired, uncomfortable, frustrated. You will not feel good. Precisely those times if you decide to face the challenge, then you will be developing as a winner. These are moments that are going to tell a part of you that you have to develop skills and abilities that you did not have before, you have to develop yourself as a human being, you have to strengthen as a person who transcends and surpasses constantly in life.



Examples of famous people who failed at the beginning, but later developed its weaknesses to be one of the best in each of their fields are:


Lucy Ball was dismissed at drama school with a note saying: “It’s a waste of time, too shy, unable to give their best.” Years later she had a TV show called “I Love Lucy”


The Beatles, rejected by the Decca label, she said: “I do not like their sound, and guitar music is no longer carried.” Years later “The Beatles” was one of the best Rock and Roll groups in the world.


Ulysses S. Grant, failed soldier, farmer and real estate agent. At 38 years old, returned to work for his father as a laborer. Years later he was President of the United States of America.


Michael Jordan did not pass the basketball team of high school and took him out. He went home, locked himself in his room and cry. Years later he was one of the best basketball players in the world.


Thomas Edison, a teacher told him he was too stupid to learn anything. And you should try another field where I could be successful under his endearing personality. Years later patented over a thousand inventions and his most famous invention was the light bulb.


Walt Disney fired from a newspaper because “lacks imagination and has no original ideas.”

Years later founded The Walt Disney Company.


Abraham Lincoln, his fiancée died, twice failed in business, had a nervous breakdown and defeated in eight elections. Years later he was President of the United States of America.


(Enter your name here), many people believed that I would never get up, many people believed that I would always be a loser, but I managed to get up when I started to believe in myself and I decided that the only person who could help me up was myself, leave the past behind and my desires, determination and discipline would achieve my dreams.


Remember that if you fall seven times and get up 8 times, you will be a winner by developing your skills in your life.


You fell down now. Will you have the courage to get up yourself?


You decide


Clemente V


Selecting Friends

A few weeks ago I attended a seminar on finance in Los Angeles, California, (because there is always something new to learn in life) called “The Laptop Millionaire”.

The person in charge running the seminar was Mark Anastasi, who wrote a book with the same title.

Something that caught my attention, which I found very interesting, was one of the advices Mark received from millionaire who helped him up when Mark had hit bottom in his life. Of course for that, Mark was determined to improve his lifestyle and take a dramatic change in his life of 380 degrees. Yes, 380 degrees, I am not mistaken on the numbers. Here is an excerpt from the story of Mark:

One day I was on the phone with the Laptop Millionaire, and he asked me the most peculiar question.

“What is the average net worth of the six people you spend the most amount of time with?

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“Well, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this to you, but this is another Millionaire Secret: You become who you spend time with.

You can judge

“I am telling you this now because I’ve just decided to cut certain people out of my life and I’m joining a $250,000 a year Mastermind group of Internet marketers. You’ve got to make more than 1 million dollars a year to be part of this group, and we meet three times a year to discuss how we can take our businesses forward. It’s all about having a better peer group-one that challenges you to grow beyond your existing comfort zone.

”And this is how you tell me that you don’t want me in your life? I said, jokingly.

“Ha ha! No! I’m glad to say, you’ve made the cut!

But I do have people in my life who are not happy about seeing me succeed, because of how it makes them feel about themselves and their own situations. I need to remove them from my life.

If you are truly committed to achieving your goals, as harsh as it may sound, you may want to consider who you allow to be in your own peer group. Your life and personal happiness are simply too important to allow any dream stealers in.

You see, ever since we were born, we’ve learned that we can only survive if the people around us love us and accept us.

Whereas in the rest of the animal kingdom, most offspring are out on their own pretty quickly, the human baby is born years prematurely and can’t fend for itself. It therefore must rely on its parent’s love for survival and protection for many years.

Deep down in the subconscious of every human being, there is this irrational, intense fear that “If the people around me don’t like me or love me, I’ll die.”

The result is that we often sacrifice our own desires and aspirations just to fit in with the people comfortable, or just to please people.

This means that if the people around you are broke and miserable you will find a way to be broke and miserable, too. Subconsciously, this is hardwired into us.

The cool thing about this is that you can use this to your advantage.


By hanging out with good people, happy people, successful people, and rich people!

You will be amazed at how fast your subconscious mind will help you succeed and make a lot more money out of fear that your new rich friends won’t like you, accept you, or love you if you don’t! This little technique is very, very powerful, and not to be underestimated!

I joined a Mastermind of highly successful Internet entrepreneurs and I changed my peer group to surround myself with high-net-worth individuals. I found that spending time with people for whom the minimum expectation was to earn at least a million dollars a year automatically raised my own standards of what I expect of myself. With a year my annual turnover quadrupled to over 1 million dollars.

Look at the six people you spend the most time with. That’s who you will become.

So, look around and make your own conclusions. 

This advice comes from many years ago, the human problem is because we believe we already know everything, but most times never apply these words of wisdom that gives older people, acquired by his years of experience lived in this world.

There is even a song the Salsa singer Hector Lavoe wrote years ago, entitled “Grandma”, which said:

“Remembering My Grandma

The proverbs that she said made ​​me laugh.

And now, I am who I say this.

Listening that, you also will say

Listening that, you also will say

You can judge a man by the company he keeps“.

Dear reader, generations always change, but the principles and values ​​will always be the same. You decide whether to apply or not this great advice in your life.

Best wishes

Clemente V