Do not take it personal!

It takes maturity to get along with somebody else. It takes patience to not argue over small things not to feel offended by little. And if we do not have the maturity and patience, take it personal as the child with his mother in the video (see below).

If we keep away from the conflict, we must give people the benefit of the doubt. We will also have to overlook some things. We all have flaws. We should not expect perfection in those around us. No matter how great a person is, or how much I love, if you’re with her enough time will have a chance to feel offended because there is no such thing as the perfect spouse, the perfect boss, or the perfect friend.

If we are realistic about our expectations and we hope that the other is perfect, we are not being fair, and that caused us frustration. I always feel disappointment. Some live with the attitude of “I love you as long as they do not hurt me. Or as long as no mistake. “I’ll be your friend as long as they treat me well, as long as you do things my way. Then you will accept and be happy. ”

This is very unfair and puts too much pressure on the other person. Love covers other defects. This means we have to overlook some things. Leave already expect perfection from your wife, your children or others. Learn to show some mercy.

Remember that love covers any deficiency or defect. Instead of spending your day upset and offended, considering the fact that maybe did not feel quite right. At work may have too many pressures, or something that disturbs you? Rather than criticize and condemn, give him the benefit of the doubt, and believes the best of it.

Everyone is entitled to a bad day from time to time. If someone does something you do not like, if you inadvertently insult or offend, swallow your pride and say: “I choose to overlook the offense” and move on.

Rather than immediately spend the negative side, seeing the worst, much change your life if you adopt the habit of looking at things from a positive perspective, believing the best of people.

Well, I have to go now. Please do not take it personal.

Best wishes

Clement V

Sow a Seed!

If you want your life better, if you want abundance and growth in your life, then you will have to improve the life of someone else. (See video bellow)

Take time to make a difference. If you can improve your life, you too can improve the life of someone else. Our attitude must always be: “To whom I can encourage today? How could improve the life of someone else?

Someone needs your encouragement. Somebody needs to know you believe in him or her. That you are at his side, who thinks he has what it, takes to achieve success. You have something to offer that nobody else can do.

Remember that there was always someone who helped or gave you hand in the past. Maybe they were your parents, your teacher, your friend, your boss, who believed in you and that also helped believed in yourself, and he encourage you telling you something like: “You are capable, you can go to college, you can have that position at work, you can take the top spot in this competition, you can be the best singer, you can be the best dancer. Just believe in yourself and you will do. When you think the best about people, you help them to get the best out of themselves.

To whom you can encourage to improve his life today?

Best wishes.

Clemente V

Stand by me…

When things do not go like you want to happen, in times of fear, trouble, worry, doubt or anxiety, you should implement the following: What would love do now? There you will find your answer.

The purpose of love is not something you want to achieve, is to do something for the welfare of the person you love. However, it is a fact that when we receive words of encouragement we feel much more motivated to give back willingly. Communication is essential for comprehension.
Get in the place of other people instead of putting them into place. Treat your opponents as allies. If you want the other people will encourage you, appreciate, forgive, listen and understand you, use the following method to develop the qualities we admire in others:

The LEAST important word: Me (the one that achieves fewer results)

1. The MOST important word: We (the one that achieves better results) – Relations
2. The two important words: Thank you – I appreciate
3. The three most important words: I forgive you- Forgiveness
4. The four most important words: What is your opinion? – Listen
5. The five most important words: You did a good job – Encourages
6. The six most important words: I’d like to know you better – understanding.

There will be a difficult time in relations with the loved one. That is where we must stand to be united. When problems and challenges arise is when we should be united. By encouraging each other to move forward, to bring new ideas to overcome this challenge, you will see that love for your loved one will be strengthened, as the song written by John Lennon and now sung by Prince Royce in bachata version: “Stand by me”. (See video click above).

Best wishes

Clemente V

Why You Need Love?

Love:to be able to love your loved ones, the human being, your soul mates forever, because there is no age for love, and enjoy this love with health and prosperity. So, we would have complete happiness.

To have more chances of finding your soul mate you must treat others as you would like to be treated.

After finding your soul mate, everything will start to go well, simply because you’ve found your complement, your balance in your life, and both follow the same direction, encouraging each other. I can assure you this. It’s because I had my soul mate, and I had health, wealth and love. For something I can not explain, she died unexpectedly after being hit by a car. After what happened I collapsed and lost nearly everything.

It is now over 3 years, still miss her, but life must go on. I learned that in life the only certainty is that nothing is certain. Expect the best and prepare for the worst, and that we must take risks by measuring the risk. If you do not take risks you will never discover your full potential in your life. To love is to risk being returned reciprocated. Expose feelings is to risk face rejection. To expose your dreams to consideration of crowd is to risk ridicule, but you have to risk expecting for the best and preparing for the worst.

Your soul mate, your complement, what completes your life, is what you have to find. If you saw the movie “Jerry Macguire” with Tom Cruice, when he is fired from his job and standing on the elevator, find a pair of lovers deaf and dumb communicating with sign language, and then the couple got out of the elevator, Jerry asks his secretary if she knew what they were saying. The secretary replied, Yes I understood the sign language, and the man told his woman: “You complete me.” See the scene above.

I mention this to a friend a Jehovah’s Witness and he said it was in the Bible (Genesis 2:18) He also asked me: “Do you know where Eve came from? I answered him, from Adam’s rib. He told me I was right, and did you know that the last rib cartilage grows back? Then he came to ask me; do you know why God chose the rib bone, and not a bone of the foot or a cranium bone? I said, I did not know. He told me that if God had chosen a bone of the foot, the man would always have the woman beneath him, and nor chose a cranium bone, because the woman would always be above him. Therefore, God chose the rib bone so the woman will be always at his side and both are completed and united as a single individual going in the same path. Wow, I was amazed, on how a film comment reminded me of a scripture of the bible.

You have to find your soul mate. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Focus on the strengths of an individual rather than defects. You will attract more people with the qualities you are looking for in others, and you will have more probability to find the person that will complete your life.

You can even put an ad in the newspaper as this man did:
“Invisible Man looking for transparent woman to do things never seen”
I hope you have sense of humor, which is part of living life.

When you find your soul mate you will enjoy the love of your partner.
I’ve always been fascinated by that, When you make love with your soul mate,
It’s like you get to lose yourself in everything, in all boundaries, at all times.
The two bodies can become so mixed up…
That you don’t know who is who or what is what…
And when the sweet confusion is so intense that you feel like you’re going to die, you kind of do,
Leaving you alone in your separate body.
But the one you love is still there.
That is a miracle.
You can go to heaven and come back alive.
And go back anytime you want…
With the one you love.
Do you want to experience that?
Just find your soul mate

As Aristotle said is wise, “Love consists in a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”
And I said: Love is the only force I know to transform an enemy to a friend, a friend to a girlfriend, a girlfriend to a soul mate and a soul mate to a lovely wife for the rest of her life.

Best Wishes

Clemente V