Would you like to try this drug?

The first time I saw this video (see below) really impressed me. I think you will also impress with the video. It is amazing to see how the human being begins to destroy itself and the same time to their loved ones without realizing the serious error they are committing.

Drug and alcohol in teenagers and young people born at the lack of personality and insecurity in themselves. Because the bad friend tells the teenager: “Be a man and consume this drug” (in the case of boy) or “Be a woman and consume this drug” (in the case of the girl). And to prove to bad friends that change, fall into the trap. You can respond to evil friend that “I know who I am, what ever you think about me, I do not care. I do not need to prove anything to you.” And you get away from that place.

Many other people who use drugs or alcohol, most of the time is depression, because they think that nobody wants them, nobody supports them, no one understands them and claim to be victims of society.

If you are using drugs or alcohol and think that no one supports you and understands, let me tell you that you have my support in these difficult times you are going through, whatever the reason it has taken you, and within a very short time you pass this stage of your life, get back on track and arise like the phoenix. You’ll be the hero, the champion, the model of person to follow, the leader, the main character of your family and society. And to get to that, you’re the one that you have to help yourself first. Believing in yourself, yes, you can do it. You have to win the battle in your mind.

This is the key thought: You’ll never get beyond the barriers that have your mind. If you think you can not accomplish something, and then never will. The battle is on your mind. If you are defeated in your mind, you’ve already lost the battle. If you think your dreams will never be made, then never come true. If you think you do not have what it takes to get up and set a new standard, then it will not happen. The obstacle is in your mind. It is a wrong way of thinking that keeps us imprisoned by the defeat, and therefore it is important that we have positive thoughts full of hope, faith and victory.

Perhaps someone speak negative words into your life. Perhaps some of the pundits have said it will never be successful, it will never be at the top; simply do not have the necessary skills to move on. DO NOT LISTEN TO SUCH LIES.

Go through the limitations of the past and let your mind ponder new and positive attitude of faith. To pass these barriers will change your life and family life. If you manage to cross those barriers in your mind and start to walk by faith, you go beyond the old barriers. The same will happen to your family. Your children, grandchildren and future generations will continue to ignore these obstacles. Continue to progress beyond what was thought possible. And it will be that you had taken the layout of a step of faith, setting a new standard smoothing the way for future generations.

I recommend that every morning you read this article or other similar positive thoughts for the next 21 days (the first week will be the most difficult) and dedicate physical activity as a sport that you like, learn to develop your own skills and you will see that your way of thinking and acting began to change for your own good. I assure you.

Then start right now…

You decide…

Please help me to help other people who have fallen into drug use. Spread the word about this article on drug consumption.

Best wishes

Clemente V

Are you in a hurry?

In these times we all live in a hurry in our lives. Human nature tends to want everything right now. The technology helps us help make things faster, but at the same time, we are suffocating in a world of despair. It makes no sense that we have these tools, if our lives are with the pressure of doing everything faster, without enjoying family, friends and goals achieved. (See video bellow)

For example 25 years ago, when computers did not exist, accounting professionals in any company had a period of six months to submit the report of the balance sheet year-end. When computers arrived, a very useful tool for them, their job would be quicker. Accounting professionals were very happy, because they would have more time to spend with their family and enjoy life. But it was not that way. Now the companies give them less time to submit this report, as six weeks, six days, six hours. And the stress and pressure still continues in their lives.
That’s why many people die of heart attacks, high blood pressure, ulcers, etc.

Enjoy the power to walk in the park, to walk on the edge of the sea, cycling, dancing, swimming, etc. with family or friends.
We live a life so hurried, that we even talk to our friends and family. For example, to communicate with a friend we used to call him on the phone, we now use the text message. Incredible the power to speak, we’re losing it without realizing it ourselves.

In the movie “Scent of a Woman” (see video below), is an unforgettable scene in which the blind man (played by Al Pacino) invites a woman to dance and she replies, “I can not because I’m waiting for someone and arrive at any moment, “and he responds:” People live a lifetime in a moment “and takes her to dance tango. The best moment of this movie is this scene of just two or three minutes.

Many of us live their lives running behind time, but only reach it when we die of either heart attack or an accident on the highway in a hurry to arrive on time.
Others are so anxious of living the future that they forget to live the present, which is the only time that really exists.

Something we all should think and actually apply in our lives.

Best wishes

Clemente V

Why You Need Health?

Health: to be able to help develop all our personal abilities like human beings, and help others who need to recover their health.

To achieve our full potential we must use faith as it is a magical power that impulses us to greatness. Have faith in yourself, believe in yourself.
Challenging yourself will be the key to success in life.

We are created in the image and likeness of God, and do not even use 2% of what a human body and brain is capable of. The body and brain has an incredible power, but we are not aware of its full potential. By this I do not mean we are gods, because we are fragile like a rose petal or a spider web.

I remain convinced that we have a human body and a brain with an incredible power, when I saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel, where I learned of the extraordinary power and flexibility of human bones which allowed a man to get staggered when being dragged by a tornado with a speed of 240 kilometers per hour in Missouri, which destroy everything in its path. After terrible twists and jerks of his body it finally falls from the sky at 400 feet away. Surprisingly nothing happens to the man. The same tornado passed by a house of a woman with her teen son. They wanted to take cover in the basement of her house. A lamp fell on the teen boys head and he lost consciousness. Only the mother got into the tornado shelter. After passing the tornado, the mother went to look for her child, but could not find him. The mother was devastated by the loss of her son. After a few hours the police found the boy safe and sound with just a scratch on his head hit product of the lamp that it initially struck him. When the boy lost consciousness, his body did not resist against the force of the tornado. His body became like a jelly and the strength of his bones broke his fall, that’s why nothing happened to him. Watch the video above.

We have a body and a brain with an incredible value. I think the value of my body and brain is about 1000 million dollars. How much is yours? Or do you not know yet what you have in yourself? Do you think you can reach your full potential?

If you want an easy way to lose weight, you have to fall in love and tell this to your partner:

“I did not eat breakfast with you in mind, not had lunch, thinking of you, did not dine with you in mind, and did not sleep because I was hungry.”
But there will be a problem if you are not reciprocated. It is better to continue with the original plan.

If you eat well and you stay physically active preventing disease, it is possible at any age maintain good health, balance and harmony. So also live longer, your amazing brain will help you do it.

See this report in the following video and you check yourself:

Then you are ready to reach your full potential. You decide…

Best Wishes

Clemente V