Polishing your body

Human beings are designed to be constantly moving. Otherwise we will die slowly without realizing it.

Your body is the raw material. Your body is more valuable than the most precious metal such as gold, silver or diamond. You do not even have to look for at a mine, a river, or anywhere else to find it. You just have to start polishing your wonderful body.
To start polishing your body, just keep it moving constantly exercising.

Not only does regular exercise aid in weight loss, it reduces your risk for several chronic diseases and conditions. Finding activities that you enjoy and that become part of your daily routine is the key to a long and healthy life.

Many of you will say: I do not have time. I have to work, study, care for my children, caring for my parents, etc. I am also busy as all of you, but I have to see how to find time to exercise, either in the morning, afternoon or evening. I can go to the gym, go dancing, running, swimming, biking. A fun way to keep fit is dancing, I do not see it as an exercise, I see it as a fun, as well you meet people, having fun. In the same way you have to find a fun way to keep in constant motion by a couple of hours. For me, exercise is vital in my life, like breathing, eating, drinking. I could not live without these.
Could you continue exercising and stay in good physical condition, if you are more than 80 years old?
If you watch the video click (see above) Mrs. Johanna Quaas, age 86, remains in excellent physical exercise. She is a very good example of what I’m talking about.
You’re the only one that can transform and polish your body the way you want to have it. Remember that you already have the raw material, just begin to form it and polish the way you like to have it. You decide.

Here is a report about the benefits of exercise taken from the report of Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, is director of nutrition for WebMD, overseeing diet, nutrition, and food information. Among other duties, she serves as senior nutrition correspondent; writes features, columns, and diet book reviews; provides expert editorial review of diet and nutrition articles; and covers national meetings.

What if someone told you that a thinner, healthier, and longer life was within your grasp? Sound too good to be true? According to a wealth of research, exercise is the silver bullet for a better quality of life.

Not only does regular exercise aid in weight loss, it reduces your risk for several chronic diseases and conditions. Finding activities that you enjoy and that become part of your daily routine is the key to a long and healthy life.

The list of health benefits is impressive, and the requirements are relatively simple — just do it.

Ward Off Disease

Research has confirmed that any amount of exercise, at any age, is beneficial. And, in general, the more you do, the greater the benefits. The National Academy of Sciences has recommended that everyone strive for a total of an hour per day of physical activity. Sounds like a lot, but the hour can be made up of several shorter bursts of activity (it can be walking, gardening, even heavy housecleaning) done throughout the day.

Physical activity is an essential part of any weight-loss program, to maximize your fat loss while keeping valuable muscle mass. But exercise has many other health and longevity benefits. It can help prevent or improve these conditions:

1. Heart Disease. Regular activity strengthens your heart muscle; lowers blood pressure; increases “good” cholesterol (high-density lipoproteins or HDLs) and lowers “bad” cholesterol (low-density lipoproteins or LDLs); enhances blood flow; and helps your heart function more efficiently. All of these benefits reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Researchers at Duke University suggest that the amount of physical activity, rather than its intensity, has the biggest impact on improving blood lipids (cholesterol). According to The New England Journal of Medicine, these researchers also found that any exercise is better than none — although more is better.

2. Stroke. In an analysis of 23 studies, researchers found that being active reduces your risk of having and dying from a stroke. According to a study published in the journal Stroke, moderately active study participants had 20% less risk of stroke than less active participants.

3. Type II Diabetes. This disease is increasing at alarming rates — by 62% since 1990 — and 17 million Americans now have it. Physical activity can enhance weight loss and help prevent and/or control this condition. Losing weight can increase insulin sensitivity, improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reduce blood pressure — all of which are very important to the health of people with diabetes.

In a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Frank Hu, MD, of the Harvard School of Public Health found that a brisk walk for one hour daily could reduce the risk of type II diabetes by 34%.

4. Obesity. Overweight and obese conditions can be prevented or treated with exercise along with a healthy diet. Activity helps to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, thus improving your body’s ability to burn calories. The combination of reduced calories and daily exercise is the ticket to weight loss. And controlling obesity is critical, as it is a major risk factor for many diseases. Lowering your body mass index (BMI) is a sure way to reduce your risk of dying early and to live a healthier life.

5. Back Pain. Back pain can be managed or prevented with a fitness program that includes muscle strengthening and flexibility. Having good posture and a strong abdomen is the body’s best defense against back pain.

6. Osteoporosis. Weight-bearing exercise (such as walking, jogging, stair climbing, dancing, or lifting weights) strengthens bone formation and helps prevent the osteoporosis or bone loss often seen in women after menopause. Combine a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D with regular weight-bearing exercise for maximum results.

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, data from the Nurses’ Health Study showed that women who walked four or more hours per week had 41% fewer hip fractures than those who walked less than an hour a week.

7. Psychological Benefits. Improved self-esteem is one of the top benefits of regular physical activity. While exercising, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that can improve your mood and the way you feel about yourself. The feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric” and is accompanied by an energizing outlook. Exercise can help you cope with stress and ward off depression and anxiety.

And these are just a few of the ways exercise improves your health. Studies have suggested it can also help with certain types of cancer, improve immune function, and more.

Putting It All Together: Exercise and a Healthy Diet

Exercise alone produces modest weight loss; when combined with a reduced-calorie diet, the effects are much more impressive.

In a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, University of Pittsburgh researchers found that people who exercised regularly and ate a healthy, modest-calorie diet lost weight and improved cardio respiratory fitness regardless of the length or intensity of their workouts.

Another study published in JAMA showed that it is never too late to reap the benefits of physical activity. Sedentary women 65 years and older who began walking a mile a day cut their rates of death from all causes by 50%.

Resistance, Resistance

If exercise is so good for us, why aren’t people doing it?

Some 64% of men and 72% of women fail to fit in activity on a daily basis, according to data from the 2000 National Health Interview Survey. Americans today are no more active than they were a decade ago.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a combination of aerobic exercise (the type that makes you breathe harder, like walking or jogging) for cardiovascular conditioning; strength training (like lifting weights or calisthenics) for muscle toning, and stretching to improve your range of motion.

Strive for doing all three types, but remember that any exercise is better than nothing. Here are some easy ways to work physical activity into your life:

  • Adopt a dog and take it for walks every day.
  • Do things the old-fashioned way — get up and change the television channel; open the garage door manually; use a push lawnmower.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Walk briskly whenever you can.
  • Minimize use of your car; walk to destinations within a mile.
  • Take up tennis or any other game or sport you enjoy.
  • Join a gym or health club.

Next time you are tempted to skip exercising, keep these wonderful health benefits in mind and remember, every little bit helps. You may not feel up to a rigorous workout, but how about a walk in the neighborhood?

Don’t pass up a chance of a lifetime — that is, a longer and healthier one.

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Clemente V

Stages of life

The human life unfolds through successive stages that have very special characteristics. Each one gradually merges into the next stage.

However, there is no unanimous agreement to determine how many and what are these stages. You also can not say exactly when it starts and ends when each stage in development as influenced by various individual, social and cultural rights. Therefore it is said that every human being has its own pace of development.
Someone who describes the stages of life in a different way is the author Paulo Coelho leaving the past behind. Here the definition of:


It is always necessary to know when to ends one stage of life.
If you insist on staying in it beyond the time, you lose the joy and sense of rest. Closing circles, shutting doors or closing chapters. As you want to call it, the important thing is to close them, letting go of life moments that are closing.

Lost your job? Is the relationship ended? Have you no longer live in that house?, Should go away?, Does the friendship is over?

You can spend much of their present “wallowing” in the whys, to return the cassette and try to understand why it happened this or that fact.
Wear and tear will be infinite because in life, you, me, your friends, your children, your sisters, we are all forced into gradually close chapters, turn the page, to finish with stages, or moments of life and move on.

We cannot be in this longing for the past. Not even asking why. What happened, happened, and you have to drop is to be discarded.

We cannot be eternal children or late adolescents or nonexistent employees of companies or have links with those who refuse to be linked to us.

The events happen and let them go! So sometimes it is so important to destroy souvenirs, gift present, moving house, pulling documents, books to sell or give away. External changes can symbolize inner processes of improvement. Let it go, release it, detach it. In life no one plays with marked cards, and we must learn to lose and win. You have to let it go, pass the page. You have to live with only what we have at present! The past is gone.

Do not expect them will return, do not expect recognition, do not expect ever they realize who you are. Release the resentment. Turn on “your personal TV” to give and give to the matter, all that you achieved is hurt you mentally, besides poison and bitter.

Life is forward, never backward. Because if you walk through life leaving “open door” just in case, you can never let it go and live as today with satisfaction.

Engagements or not to close friendships, opportunities to “return” (why?), Need for clarification, words left unsaid, silences that invaded. If you can face them now, do it! If not, let it go, closing chapters. Tell yourself that no, not again.

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But not for pride or arrogance, it is because you no longer fit there, in that place, in that heart, in that room in that house at that desk in that office. You’re not the same as it was two days ago, three months ago, one year ago, so there is nothing to return. Close the door, pass the page, or close the circle. Neither, you will be the same, and the environment to which you return will be the same, because nothing in life stands still, nothing is static.


It is mental health love for yourself, releasing what is no longer in your life. Remember that nothing and no one is indispensable. Not a single person, no place, no work, nothing is vital to live because: When you came into this world ‘arrived’ without the adhesive, so it is “custom” living close to him, and this is a personal work learn to live without it, without human or physical adhesive that today it hurts to let go. It is a process of learning to detached and, humanly can be done because, I repeat, nothing and no one is indispensable! It’s just habit, addiction, need.

The end of the year usually marks for many the end of an era. We all say that of the end year. But, closing, closure, clean, throw away, oxygenated, put away, shake, release. There are many words to mean mental health and whatever you choose, you will definitely continue forward in peace.

That is life!

I hope these thoughts will help to continue at each stage of your life.

Best wishes

Clement V

When Love says Science YES WE CAN

Everything seemed to indicate that a 7 year old boy could not walk, but the love of a father for his son was stronger, and the father had the courage to prove to physicians that they were wrong with his son because doctors diagnosed the child would never walk.

Ivo is a child of 7 years from Argentina, was born with cerebral paralysis and this is the love story of his father, who did not stop until he invented a machine that helps his little son to walk.
Three years ago, Jorge Cardiles invented a “walker” tailored to his needs, in addition, has been helping several other young people and adults to take their first steps.

The little boy was born on May 20, 2004 with quadriparesis make it impossible him walk due to paralysis permanent brain. Furthermore, before one day old he had a stroke and fell into a coma, so doctors recommended amputation of the nerve terminals of the little child, which-would prevent the future-walking.

Cardiles was opposed to this and began designing a device that ended up making his little child walk normally, but when the child stopped using it for a long time, the child had a setback. It would not be possible today Ivo could walk without the efforts of his father.

“Stimulus-Up” is a machine created from two skis under a system that moves as a climber.

How exciting to see this video. See the effort of a father for give a better quality of life to his son. That is love of a true father. God bless Mr. Jorge Cardiles this are the positive experiences that we must spread to motivate us to overcome our challenges and not give up.

When Loves says Science: Yes, We can

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Clemente V

Parkinson’s Disease

I had heard about Parkinson’s disease, but when I saw a video (Spanish version video) on the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and as medicine and science is moving forward to improve the quality of life of people who suffer from this problem, and with a surgery, these patient achieve an amazing recovery.

It is a brain disorder that leads to shaking (tremors) and difficulty in walking, movement and coordination.


Parkinson’s disease most often develops after age 50 years and is one of the most common neurological disorders in the elderly. Sometimes occurs in younger adults and affects both men and women.
In some cases, the disease is inherited. When a young person is affected, usually due to a form of the disease is inherited.

Nerve cells use a brain chemical called dopamine to help control muscle movement. Parkinson’s disease occurs when brain neurons that produce dopamine are slowly destroyed. Without dopamine, the neurons in that part of the brain can not properly send messages, leading to loss of muscle function. The damage gets worse with time. The exact reason is unknown why neurons become worn.

Parkinson’s disease in children, which is not very common, can occur because the nerves are not as sensitive to dopamine.

The term “parkinsonism” refers to any condition that involves the types of changes in movement seen in Parkinson’s disease. Parkinsonism maybe caused by other disorders (such as secondary parkinsonism.) or certain medications.

For more information on this disease you can go to:

This is the link www.parkinson.org

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24 Hours of Reality

Spread the word! What can change in a day? Everything. On September 14, the world will focus its attention on the truth about the climate crisis. For 24 hours, we will all live in reality. Pick a faraway place or a city near you. Make it yours for one day. We’re hitting every time zone — but only once. 7 p.m. in your time zone. Choose a location and get involved.

“24 Hours of Reality will focus the world’s attention on the full truth, scope, scale and impact of the climate crisis. To remove the doubt. Reveal the deniers. And catalyze urgency around an issue that affects every one of us.”

24 Presenters. 24 Time Zones. 13 Languages. 1 Message. 24 Hours of Reality is a worldwide event to broadcast the reality of the climate crisis. It will consist of a new multimedia presentation created by Al Gore and delivered once per hour for 24 hours, representing every time zone around the globe. Each hour people living with the reality of climate change will connect the dots between recent extreme weather events — including floods, droughts and storms — and the manmade pollution that is changing our climate. We will offer a round-the-clock, round-the-globe snapshot of the climate crisis in real time. The deniers may have millions of dollars to spend, but we have a powerful advantage. We have reality.

24 Hours of Reality will be broadcast live online from September 14 to 15, over 24 hours, representing 24 time zones and 13 languages.

From Tonga to Cape Verde, Mexico City to Alaska, Jakarta to London, people living with the impacts of climate change every day will tell their story. You can experience as much as you like without even leaving your home. Click here to find the location — or locations — where you would like to watch a presentation. Due to logistical considerations, three of the presentations will be broadcast remotely from New York — Tonga, the Solomon Islands and French Polynesia — but will include local footage and information. All other presentations will be filmed on location around the world.

We would like to thank our partners for helping to make this project a reality.


Spread the word.
This is link

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Clemente V

I forgot to live

Do you have time for yourself?
Do you control the time or the time control you in your life?
Want quantity of life or quality of life?

Living in a hurry because of the primacy of time in our lives and our families is characteristic of today’s world. We live under the doctrine of the time domain, one that we constantly repeated: “If you want to make something of your life, do not waste your time.” Produce, produce, run, compete, and after a short break, consume and consume in the attempt. We felt pressured, driven by unknown forces, by a strange impulse that encourages us and makes us lose our center of gravity. We sacrifice what we love for the unattainable goal of the money and the power that promises us.
Soon we lose perspective of a full life and lose sight of the spiritual aspect of our being.

Remember to find a balance in your life. You have to have time for yourself, your family, your business, your favorite sport, entertainment, walking, talking (not texting), to observe what happens around your life. It’s like when you went to school. There was a mathematics course, Language, Geography, History, Sports, Education, Civic Theatre, etc., and the expected break.
Imagine if you had taken a single course as Mathematics 8 hours a day for a year, it would be boring, monotonous, also tired of this subject would be saturated.

In life you have to schedule your priorities different hourly, giving time to all and advance integrally in life.
Enjoy life. Nothing you took when you leave, when you approach your final day, which can come at any time. Live happy now while you can, maybe tomorrow you have no time to feel awake. Feel the blood running through your veins. Open your arms to life, let your thoughts fly free, do not leave anything to drift. Lives life intensely, lives happily with what you have. Let there be no regrets about what you always wanted to do and you did not, of course, without hurting anyone. Remember to live life.

I remember once have seen on television biography of Julio Iglesias, a person at age 33, found fame and fortune. He was a very dedicated to his profession. In July 1970 met at a party to Maria Isabel Arrastia Preysler, the woman who would inspire his first romantic songs and bore him three children (Chabeli, Julio Jr. and Enrique).

Julio Iglesias and Isabel Maria married the following year they met, when he was 28 years old. At 33 years has reached fame and fortune, but the next year when Julio turned 34 he was divorcing his first wife Maria Isabel. He just had no time for his family. He did not find the balance in his life. He forgot to live.

At 52, Julio Iglesias remarries Miranda Johanna Maria Rijnsburger, a Dutch model, the October 5, 1995, with whom he had five kids, Miguel Alejandro, Rodrigo, twins Victoria and Cristina and finally Guillermo.

In that interview was asked his youngest son, Enrique Iglesias, about his half-brothers of the second marriage of her father and Enrique replied: “We did not have the time to share with my dad, as do my siblings. Chabeli, Julio and I wished have that time with our father.”

Perhaps because of what happened, Julio Iglesias wrote this song:

“I forgot to live”

From so much running through life without stopping
I forgot that life is lived in a moment
from so much wanting to be the first in everything
I forgot to live the small details
From so much playing with feelings
living off applause wrapped in dreams
from so much screaming my songs to the wind
I am no longer how I was yesterday, now I don’t know what I feel
I forgot to live
I forgot to live
I forgot to live
I forgot to live
From so much singing about love and life
I was left without love one night and one day
from so much playing with who I loved most
I lost without wanting to the best I ever had.
From so much hiding the truth with lies
I cheated myself without knowing it was me who had lost
from so much waiting, when I never offered anything
Today it’s my turn to cry, when I always was laughing
I forgot to live
I forgot to live
I forgot to live
I forgot to live
From so much running to have time beat time
wanting to rob the dream from my nights
from so many failures, from so many attempts
from wanting to discover something new every day
From so much playing with feelings
living off applause wrapped in dreams
from so much screaming my songs to the wind
I am no longer how I was yesterday, now I don’t know what I feel
I forgot to live
I forgot to live
I forgot to live
I forgot to live.

I remind you again you have to find balance in your life. Live life intensely, lives happily with what you have. Let there be no regrets about what you always wanted to do and you did not.

Best wishes

Clement V