Are you getting old?

Of course, each of us gets older every day without realizing it. But when we are in the 10, 20, and 30 or 40 years old, we think we’ll never get to be an elderly, but every day we get closer to this age without realizing it.

For this reason it would be nice to have more sensitivity and empathy with the elderly. Besides treating them the way you would like to be treated. Remember that one day in your life you will become an elderly, and from now we should inculcate this message to younger people in the family and circle of friends we have. And the message is better grasped by children and youth with the example that you give them, treating the elderly the way you would like to be treated.

You could compare this change in human life as when the baby is hungry and cannot feed himself, because the baby has not yet learned to speak, walk and not strong enough by itself to prepare their own food . The only recourse of the baby to get attention from parents or relatives is crying to receive the necessary help.

Something similar happens to the elderly. They had the strength to prepare their food, they can still talk, some cannot walk or move his arms, and his vision is decreasing and perhaps cannot hear very well. Many parts of the body begin to fail internally.

The old man begins to depress by feel of helplessness that cannot depend on its own. The only recourse left to the old man like the child is crying for help, but unlike the child, which finds more easily help the old man finds little or no help. Unless we begin from now on to inculcate in children, youth and adults the message of helping the elderly. Remember that life goes around and as well as treat your elders as well you too could be treated when you become an old man.

Age man

Science has already started working on it and created a suit called “Age Man” in Germany according to the article published in “The Guardian”.

Age Man seeks to generate in future geriatric sensitivity and empathy for their patients to experience how it would be 75 years old.

With the increase of the elderly population in Germany, scientists found a creative tool of empathy. The Age Man suit helps medical students to feel the motor difficulties you face every day an old man.

Dr. Rachel Eckardt, Evangelical Center for Geriatrics (EGZB) in Berlin, and the company Meyer-Hentschel Institute, specializing in products for people over 60 years, have just launched Age Man

The name, which may well sit you a superhero, is actually a suit that allows future physicians to know what it’s like to get old.

“Instead of a PowerPoint presentation, this is the best way to give a real idea of what is being old, i.e. 75 years and older. And only once we have empathy, we can really make students interested completely in older people as patients, “said Eckardt to” The Guardian “.

The Age Man suit weighs 10 kilos and, together with the volume, its design provides the user with the difficult experience of walking, feeling muscle weakness and inability to make quick movements. Perform pushups is a risk of tipping, and stooping to pick up a coin from the floor would be impossible.

Age man2

However, it is provided that in practical life of an elderly, these obstacles would be bearable if they had to endure permanently bone or joint pain.

Besides the futuristic-looking overalls, clothing including gloves to feel the lack of flexibility in the fingers and less precision than the elderly have to pick up objects. The complement Final is a kind of scuba to experience decreased hearing and visual capabilities.

The device that covers the head and face of the participant contains partially headphones that isolate external sound, providing not only less hearing, but little sense of direction. While a yellow visor provides blurred vision and decreased sharpness of distinguishing textures and volumes.

The experiment aims EGZB anticipate the future need for geriatric doctors have more empathic, due to the rapid increase in the elderly population.

Germany is one of the countries, along with Japan and Monaco, with the highest rate of elderly. It is estimated that by 2030, 26% of the population exceeds 65.

The German institute announced that Age Man suit will also be available to manufacturers in the domestic appliance sector and the food industry.

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Clemente V