A New Year equals a New Opportunity

Resurfaces this New Year to renew your life, competing against yourself, following the principles of responsibility, integrity, courage, compassion, contribution and justice with the following suggestions:

Make an appointment with yourself, where you can communicate with yourself to see what you’re doing with your life, that result are having, how you can improve your life.

What do you want to do with your life? What is the purpose of your life? Discover the passion of your life and see how to contribute to society with passion discovered in yourself. You have to know specifically what you want. For example if I want to buy a computer, specifically I have to know what operating system I want to have in my computer like Windows or Apple, processor capacity, how many gigabytes I want to have on the motherboard RAM, how many gigabytes I want to have in memory of the hard disk, the video card, the unit disk speed, screen size, etc.


How long will you take to do it? Having a plan of action and set a deadline. In other words have a goal. A dream without a deadline is just a dream.

Execute your plan that you have traced, take action, it means establishing what you have to do to achieve your purpose in your life. You want to study and graduate, you want to have more time with your family, you want to have your own business, etc.

Do not rest on your laurels. Trying to use the knowledge, experience and wisdom. The world is advancing day by day and you have to move with the times, otherwise you stay staking. Remember that compete with yourself every day is the key to success.

Learn more to give than to receive towards our peers, our society, our planet Earth. We are spoiled and we just we want to receive. Learn to give without expecting anything in return.

Time passes quickly and do not wait for anyone, for that reason you have to discover the purpose of your life, and you will make your life spectacular.

And this New Year 2014 each of you can find in your life Love, Health and Prosperity!

Best wishes

Clemente V