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Getting along with your couple

To get along with your couple must be compatibility between both.
And what is the definition of compatibility in a couple?

Definition of compatibility

Two people, who can communicate, share major likes and dislikes, motivated by the same major goals and philosophies and stimulated by similar wants and desires but, above all can co-exist in harmony.

Although opposites attract does not mean they have to be totally different in everything. The scientific and statistical studies conducted in marriages that have long lived together say that those who have more similar are living better and not those who have more different things.

For this it is important to balance similarities and differences. When speaking of similarities, it meant vital or transcendent things, not anything. The essential similarities such as the values​  like Loyalty, Tolerance, Gratitude, Generosity, Solidarity, Family, etc., the capacity for emotional intimacy with another person, personal habits such as hygiene, food, among other things.

In this it must be flexible, the commitment of marriage allows for adjustments in many things.

We must also see that marriage is a complement. That is where the role of things contrary to which we should better call COMPLEMENTARY.

You should only share your home with your partner

This means you should not confuse the relationship you have with your parents and your relationship with your spouse.  You have to respect your parents forever, but you have to consider that your parents love and love your spouse are different loves. And recognize that after marriage the most important person in your life will be your husband or your wife and that place even your kids can usurp it. Remember that the law of life is that way. Children are born, grow up and leave. And you and your partner were alone again, as at the beginning of the relationship.

Learn to master conflict

In your relationship there will be disagreements, which cause conflict, and challenges. And the only way to solve these conflicts is with the dialogue (without dialogue everything will be lost), where each of you share their views calmly and each of you also have to give up their views in a bit to to reach a balance or equilibrium in their relationship.

Master the art of intimacy

Preserves the moments that only each of you know. The intimacy is power. It is being who you are in front of that person you love, the love of your life, your soul mate.

(See Why you need love).

I’ve always been fascinated by that, When you make love with your soul mate,

It’s like you get to lose yourself in everything, in all boundaries, at all times.

The two bodies can become so mixed up…

That you don’t know who is who or what is what…

And when the sweet confusion is so intense that you feel like you’re going to die, you kind of do,

Leaving you alone in your separate body.

But the one you love is still there.

That is a miracle.

You can go to heaven and come back alive.

And go back anytime you want…

With the one you love.

As Aristotle said is wise, “Love consists in a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

And I said: Love is the only force I know to transform an enemy to a friend, a friend to a girlfriend, a girlfriend to a soul mate and a soul mate to a lovely wife for the rest of her life.

After death, eternal love continues with your soul mate, recalling the best moments of your life with your soul mate. And those beautiful memories do not let you down, unlike those wonderful memories used such as motivation to keep going in your life, continuing the goal set as if your partner was still by your side together. There will be a second chance in life. I do not know if you believe in reincarnation, but you will find again your soul mate as well as a friend told me many months ago.

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Clement V

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