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The purpose of this page is:

Helping people to develop their personal skills, making them believe in themselves. In having faith in oneself, because faith is like a magical power that propels you to greatness. “Let it be to you according to your faith.” (Matthew 9:29)

Finding a balance between the spiritual and material as the two go hand in hand. If you only have one of them you will not enjoy life. If you only have spiritual and don’t even have anything to eat, a place to live, or simply surviving, or not being able to enjoy a vacation. It will be very difficult to develop your skills and you will be in a lot of envy, jealousy, and feelings of resentment towards someone who possess what you want. Similarly, if you have so many material things, so much wealth, no spirituality, no solidarity, and no generosity with your peers. You will become an arrogant person, swollen in pride and haughty wanting to buy everyone and everything with your money. Love, friendship, and feelings can not be bought with money. So you have to find the balance between the spiritual and the material.

To make everyone speak two languages is essential in our lives, no matter from which country we come from, what race, or religious beliefs we have. The two languages that we should all speak are: The language of love and language of numbers.
The language of love, treating others as you would like to be treated. In doing good without looking at whom. In helping people without expecting anything in return.
The language of numbers is to know all about your finances, maintaining a balance in your earnings and your expenses. In knowing how many days, months, or years you will achieve your goals. In knowing and achieving your ideal weight according to your height. In knowing how many steps I have to take to dance a salsa chorography, and how many times I have to try to win the love of your beloved.

For each one of us to achieve Health, Prosperity and Love!

Health: For all our skills to develop as human beings, and help those who need to recover their health.

Prosperity: To be shared with people, that way there would be no selfishness or envy. Without financial concerns, we would have financial freedom. We would focus on developing our skills, improving our life style along with good health.

Love: To love your loved one, human being, your souls mate forever, because there is no age for love. Enjoying love with health and prosperity. That way we would have complete happiness.

To obtain health, prosperity and love ask God, the universe, Karma, life or on what you have faith in. Believe that you will obtain it and view it and feel like you already have it.

Make your life spectacular!

Best wishes,

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